28 FOCUS - NOVEMBER 2017 No Teeth? No Problem. Get them in just one visit 462 Paxton Street, Port Perry Located across from the hospital in the Medical Associates building 905-985-8459 www.dentistportperry.com EVENING APPOINTMENTS AVAILABLE Readers’ Choice Awards PORTPERRYSTAR BEST DENTAL OFFICE Why All-On-4? For most people, dental implants are the best solution to replace missing teeth. With the All-on-4 technique, anyone can have beautiful new teeth in a single visit. If you have been told you are not a candidate for dental implants or are lacking enough bone for implants, this solution might be right for you. The All-on- 4 technique is a revolutionary treatment and can be used in either the upper or lower jaw to support an immediate fixed bridge that looks, feels and functions very similar to natural teeth in just 1 day. All-on-4 is a cost effective, advanced technique whereby a whole arch of teeth is supported by only four implants.With this treatment there is typically no need for bone grafting and other time consuming and costly procedures. Because less implants are placed in comparison to other methods, it allows for simpler cleaning, while still delivering optimal results. This procedure is a common treatment in our clinic and many of our patients come to Port Perry Dental Associates because they are unhappy with their denture or are losing their teeth and want a naturally looking smile. For all these cases,All-on-4 can be the right solution to going back to having a full upper and/or lower set of permanent teeth.The person who has lost their teeth regains the ability to eat virtually anything and can smile again with confidence. What to Expect Placing a dental implant is a quick, minimally invasive procedure.At Port Perry Dental Associates our dental specialist will do a careful initial evaluation to determine the best treatment plan for your dental condition.The initial evaluation consists of a comprehensive examination and diagnostic imaging. With the help of CT analysis, a 3 dimensional image of your jaw will be created and “Virtual implants” are placed in the 3D image to ensure accuracy at the time of your surgery. After the implants are placed models are taken and your prosthesis is prepared in the laboratory and inserted on the same day. Contact Port Perry Dental Associates for your consult at 905-985-8459.We look forward to helping you achieve your new smile.