FOCUS - NOVEMBER 2017 49 Like poppies in Flanders Fields, the Port Perry Legion veteran banner pro- gram continues to blossom. Three years ago, at the last minute, four banners were created and proudly hung, reported Legion volunteer Jane Twohey of the Banner Committee. “It started slow but gained momen- tum,” Jane commented. Last year, there were 42 more, and 2017 will see 78 banners on display to honour local veterans. Jane says that thanks to social media such as Facebook, she gets emails all the time from interested people. And so the program has grown to the point where, “It’s getting maxed out!” More hardware will be required to expand the banner program in the future. Jane is an enthusiastic supporter of the veteran banner program, which was initiated by a Legion branch in New Brunswick. She pointed out how wonderful it is to see veteran banners in many neighbouring cities and towns. Two banners fit on each pole, so the plan is to place veteran banners for fam- ily members together (such as brothers, or a father and son, or best buddies.) If the veterans are related to local business owners, then that’s the place to hang their commemorative banners. Scugog township put up some ban- ners during Canada Day celebrations this year, but even more will grace the town leading up to Remembrance Day. Another project Jane is working on is a collection of biographies of lo- cal veterans, to help educate school children on the great sacrifice these men and women made to ensure our freedom. WWII veteran Lloyd Brawn was very pleased and surprised last year to see a banner with his photo on it displayed on Queen St. This year’s banner can be seen on the corner of Mary St. and Perry St. By Lynn Campbell, Focus on Scugog Memories live on through Veteran Banners Lest we forget 293 Perry Street, Port Perry • 905-985-8660 1-800-248-0848 • WE WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER