34 FOCUS - SEPTEMBER 2016 34 FOCUS - NOVEMBER 2017 “I was lucky. And I’m still lucky to be alive today.” He also worked on the water truck, which entailed driving to collect pond water from a ditch, and mixing it with chemicals to make it safe to drink. Sometimes there would be a convoy of 10 trucks waiting for their turn to extract some water. It would be dark and cold and Lloyd would sleep in the back of the truck under army issued woolen blankets, while in Germany. “Others were a lot worse off,” Lloyd observed. Some of the officers were “nasty” though, and “laid down the law,” yelling at him to, “Raise your arm up higher!” when marching. Soldiers had to lead out with their left feet, with their right arms straight ahead, then reverse. “Infantry training was mostly marching up and down the road and back,” he said. Lloyd is still a keen walker. Almost daily, with the aid of a cane and a walker, he ventures out from West Shore and heads towards the township of Scugog office, then down to the lake, maybe to the grocery store for some oranges, and back home again. Up until recently his dear Papillion “Cookie” accompanied him. Last year while on his walk, Lloyd was surprised and pleased to see a colourful Legion veteran banner with his picture on it proudly displayed in downtown Port Perry. If you see Lloyd around town, please remember to thank him for serving our country! By Lynn Campbell, Focus on Scugog Veteran Lloyd Brawn (continued from page 33) 1565 Hwy. 7A, Port Perry 905-985-3655 (BesideWalmart) www.taylorfordsales.com Seasonal Hours: Mon - Fri: 8-6; Sat: 8-4 TAYLOR FORD 250 Shanly Street, Port Perry 905-982-2650 • www.mcmurtrylaw.ca Paula R. McMurtry BARRISTER & SOLICITOR We Remember PORT PERRY MEDICAL SUPPLIES LTD. 462 Paxton Street, Unit 104, Port Perry 905-982-2777 • mail@portperrymedicalsupplies.com 1918 Scugog St., Port Perry (across from Vos’) 905-985-2451 OMESTEAD HFURNITURE & APPLIANCES HARDWOOD & LAMINATE FLOORING • WINDOW COVERINGS @HomesteadFnA HONOURING OUR VETERANS AND SERVICE MEN & WOMEN