32 FOCUS - SEPTEMBER 2016 32 FOCUS - NOVEMBER 2017 2 FOCUS - JUNE 2015 VETERAN LLOYD CECIL BRAWN eteran Private Lloyd Cecil Brawn has a collection of World War II photographs and memorabilia that would be the envy of any military museum. While he was serving oversees, his girlfriend in Ontario sent him rolls of film and he took pictures with his fold up camera. Then he sent the films back home to be developed. His scrapbooks tell his story of serving in the infantry, the service corps and the medical corps in Europe. There are bombed ruins in France. The Eiffel Tower. Scenes of the handsome Canadian soldier with his buddies in Belgium, Holland, Germany and England. Pictures of the now antique vehicles and the bombed landscape. Pictures of the underground trenches and tunnels. Lloyd also bought a package of photographs of the mon- ument at Vimy Ridge, and you can tell that he was moved emotionally when he recalls touching the grave of the Unknown Soldier. That girlfriend’s name was Jennie Bushby, and after the war, she was to become Lloyd’s wife. She took another step towards the preservation of history by framing up photos of her soldier husband and father, Walter Harold Bushby who served in WWI, complete with their dog tags and medals. This is still proudly displayed on the wall of Lloyd’s current home at West Shore Village. He was born in Saskatchewan on August 23, 1925, to parents Arthur John and Violet Brawn. Lloyd’s fam- ily relocated to Ontario in 1937 to escape the epidemic of army worms and grasshoppers which were dam- aging the crops out west. It was no place for a farmer to prosper. “It was hard times,” Lloyd recalls. From army jeeps to student drivers to race horses Veteran Lloyd Brawn has always been on the move! Lloyd shared his story and scrapbooks with us from his home at West Shore Village, Port Perry. V