b'Brent Herrington (continued from page 5) Three distinct sets of skills are involved.explained to the judges what Id done, and why. Our team will consist of breakers, middles, and finish-Brent admits to some butterflies leading up to the be- ers.The first one of those takes the meat in carcass form to ginning of the challenge. manageable parts.The middles butcher it into cuts, which My heart was pounding, so I spent time collectingthe finishers will transform into saleable products.myself.But once we started, I was in a zoneit was theAnd everyone will keep the workstation clean.fastest half-hour of my life! Thats another element, to avoid cross-contamination. Learning the results would wait, torturously, until theIts also second nature, because its part myeveryones following nights gala.job at the store.As the old saying goesall my em-I felt elation and pride, to hear my name spoken.Itployees at the store know this one!If youve got time to was humbling, to be judged positively by my peers. lean, youve got time to clean.Like any competitor, Brent wont rest on his laurels.Preparation for the event has already begun with a He learned that hed been selected to Canadas 2020 entryseries of conference calls to acquaint the geographically into the World Butcher Challenge, which he describes asdiverse members, and sort out duties for the actual com-the Olympics of butchery. petition.Asked what skills he personally brings to theTeams will be squaring off in an arena in Sacramento,team, Brent replies flexibility.California.The international event expands on the scopeI easily admit where I have room for improvementof the provincial competition. in professional sports, guess youd call that coachable. WellhavethreeAnd Im passionate about what I do.and a quarter hours toSocialmediahas createcounter-qualityalready created a Go-fromrawcarcasses.FundMepageforthe That includes creativethegroupunderthe value-addedprod- heading WBC Canada.uctslikesausagesBrent reports hes also fromoddsandendsreceiveddonationsin which otherwise mayperson.have been discarded. Be sure and check out the meat counters at Herringtons Quality Butchers. Please turn to page 9GIVE THE GIFT OFH ealthyH air MEN AND LADIES:Hair Services - Colour, Cut & Style, Up-DosHair and Scalp Health - Scopes, Treatments, Wigs and ExtensionsProfessional Hair Care Products 905-985-009921 Wilbur AvenueIrgreco@quisk.ca Gift Cards AvailableRosario Greco Styles@RGSTYLESfor all Products and ServicesFOCUS - DECEMBER 20197'