b'Marg and Rory Snider-McGrath are living in Havana, Cuba, where Marg is teaching at the International School of Havana.CanadiansadabroI have made several attempts to start this article.Words always seem to fall short of how to describe all that Rory and I have experienced since our arrival in Havana, Cuba in August 2019. There is so much to share in terms of the rich Cuban culture, the shortages that a ect daily life, and the breathtaking and often startling sights at the mere turn of your head. I havenally come to the realization that I cannot share everything. While many Canadians have had the opportunity to enjoy the beaches, history, music scene and genuine hospitality of Cubans for a glorious escape for a week, I want to share an experience that we live and re-live every day here, one that I hope will give you a glimpse into the lives of Cubans and their daily strugglegrocery shoppingPlease turn to page 22Port Perrys Marg and Rory Snider-McGrath, keeping it local while living abroad.FOCUS - DECEMBER 201921'