b'Getting right into it! One gentleman donned his mid-70s PPHS jacket.PPHS Bursary (continued from page 27) gift, she explained. While We need to celebrate all students, Susan commented.thereunioncommittee A helping hand financially would be appreciated for pur- had hoped to raise about chasing work boots, a suit for a job interview, transporta- $1,500.,thefactthey tion, or other expenses related to securing employment.raised over $5,000. means After grade 13, Lori joined IBM and Bill entered thethat more than one gradu-auto parts industry. Debora studied fashion design andatecanbeassistedover eventually started her own business. One of Susans threethe course of a few years. sonspursuedpost-secondaryeducation.Oneappren- Theschoolsadminis-ticed as an electrician and one started his own landscap- tration and Principal Greg ing business. All were good choices, Susan said. Scotchburnwerereally You dont have to go to college or university to beappreciative, as the cheque successful, Susan pointed out. We need to show stu- was presented on Monday dents that there is nothing wrong with finding a job. November4,Susansaid. The bursary is meant to be more than a one timeThebursarywasmadeThe alumni cake was donated possiblebythemanylo-by Susan McDougall and calbusinessesandalum-her husband Bill Short, and niwhodonatedfantasticdesigned and made by Hanks prizesforthesilentauc- Pastries.tion.Enthusiasmforthe idea prompted generosity.Weweresofortunatetogrowupinsmalltown Ontario,Susanfeels.Therewassomethingspecial about it and it brings people back home. It was com-forting to know that you belonged, and there were so many shared experiences. The latest fond memory for the kids who started grade 9 here 40 years ago is giving back to future genera-tions of PPHS grads in the form of this new bursary.By Lynn Campbell, Focus on ScugogBakersville Gingerbread VillageDecember 7th31stVisit the library to view thefrom gingerbread homes andbuildings created by a varietyof community members.Scugog Memorial Library231 Water Street, Port Perry180 Mary St., Port Perry 905-985-0861 9059857686www.scugoglibrary.ca28 FOCUS - DECEMBER 2019'