b'OVERRIDGE YOUR ONE STOP SHOP!MAKETHUMBS DOWN -to Canada Post, for placing a community mailbox on Highway 7A. When getting our mail we have to back out on to Highway 7A in an 80 km zone. Mail delivery personnel and 20 local citizens at risk every day getting their mail. THUMBS UP - I would like to acknowledge and give a big Overridge Fireplaces isthumbs up to Deborah Kiezebrink - Councillor Ward 4 for your local Napoleon expert.hosting the 2nd Port Perry Brownies and Sparks at the Township. Councillor Kiezebrink planned a fun night where Fireplaces, Furnaces, A/C,the girls learned all about the duties of the Scugog council Barbecues and even got to participate in a mock meeting, role playing BBQ the mayor and council members. Thank you to the Scugog PROMOON NOW! Council for introducing these young girls to local politics.THUMBS UP - a number of residents emailed and called our of ce, wanting to give a thumbs up to the Township of Scugog Recreation Department for updating the playground equipment at Poplar Park. Neighbourhood kids are LOVING it!THUMBS DOWN - to the traf c lights at 7A between Water 170 Casimir St., Port Perry St. and Carnegie Rd. Although I dont cross here too often, 905-985-0715www.overridge\x1f replace.ca I have seen countless vehicles going through the red light and also vehicles making a right turn off Water St. onto 7A, and many times only looking toward the Causeway, not to pedestrians who may be crossing the street. Fear not, for behold, ITHUMBS DOWN - to the person who stole my neighbours bring you good newsbaby stroller from their driveway!This is an expensive item for a new parent to have to replace because of someones of great joy that willthoughtlessness.be for all the people.THUMBS DOWN - to the Township of Scugog for tearing For unto you isup a portion of Nestleton Road and instead of re-paving it born this day inyou keep dropping more gravel.Fix our roads Scugog! the city of DavidTHUMBS UP and DOWN - a daughter of a war veteran a Savior, whomailed in this note. Thumbs up to all those in Port Perry is Christ thewearing poppies during Remembrance Day and a huge Lord. Thumbs Down to those who didnt. Shame on you! If it werent for the brave men and women who served in WWll, you wouldnt be reading this magazine. So redeem yourself and buy a poppy next year and wear it proudly, you owe it to our veterans because they fought for our Democracy.THUMBS UP - to the Township of Scugog snowplough driver who saw me struggling to move my snow tires closer Merry Christmas to my car from the shed.Once he wasnished ploughing our cul-de-sac north of Port Perry, he hopped out of his from all the sta at North Durham Water Systems truck and gave me a hand.Much appreciated!North Durham Water SystemsDo you have a Thumb up or 1894 Scugog St. in the Port Perry Plaza down that you would like to 905-985-4900 | northdurhamwater.com see published?Please submit two or three sentences to a 24 Hour Coin Op Water Dispenser maximum of 125 words to: focus@focusonscugog.com 24 FOCUS - DECEMBER 2019'