b'HERE WE GROW AGAINMCTICO #4577532is interested inexperienced travel consultantsto join our family.Contact Virginia905-985-2268virginia.frew@marlintravel.caBrent, recently home from Niagara Falls, proudly showing the plaque he received for Ontarios Finest Butcher.Brent Herrington (continued from page 7)Somepeoplehavehandedmecashatthestore, which Ive put toward the teams expenses.Those were emotional moments for me, to feel that kind of support.Beyond fitting into a team concept, Brents individual preparation has also begun.Every day, I try to get better.Its what Ive always done.And in spite of excitement about the Ontario and inter-national competitions, his heart is still at home.As I said, its all about building relationships.And I feel enormous gratitude to the people Ive met and the customers whove supported me over the past 20 years. Free And you know what they say: that if you love whatIn-Home you do, youll never work a day in your life.Thats howConsultationI feel about my job.Judging by his success in competition, his peers feelA style for every point of view.hispassion.HisbutcheringandpeopleskillsshineBlinds - Draperies - Shutters - Shades through, even under pressure, and have propelled him toGreat SelectionStylish Coloursbe Ontarios finest.And hell surely bring that winningSuperior Service - Satisfaction Guaranteed!skill set to Sacramento, to an international stage, with the world title at steak stake. By Scott Mercer, Focus on Scugog Merry ChristmasFrom our home.to yours.Upon returning home from the competition, Brent expressed thatalthough he cant thank everyone for the support thatJoe & Cathy Gibson, Blackstockhe has received, he did say, none of this would be possible905-213-2583without the tremendous staff he has to run the business duringwww.budgetblinds.com/portperryhis absence,when he is away training for these competitions.FOCUS - DECEMBER 20199'