b'Community Lead, Jennifer Sawyer, with Fill a Purse Committee members Jillian Edwards, Heidi Davies and Gina Smith with a small portion of purses donated this year. Missing from photo are Dionne Craig, Kristen Meyer-Creamer, Leanne Rattray, Jen Hobbs and Erin McEvoy.Over 100 Purses for Fill a Purse for a Sister2019 Campaign Port Perry!The Fill a Purse for a SisterWhile the purses arelled witharound the globe including our own Campaignjust completed itspractical items, from tissues to sham- Port Perry. fth annual drive with a goal to collectpoo, and the usual essentials, fromThiscampaignmadeitswayto 12,000pursesandbackpacksforlip balm and gum to gift cards andPortPerryin2017with86purses womenandyouthinsheltersandhair clips, recipients say the heartfeltcollectedwhichweredeliveredto crisis centres across the country. personal note many donors also in- theYWCAinOshawa.Thisyear, This campaign not only providesclude is particularly appreciated. the Port Perry committee set a goal women and youth with a purse orParticipants simplyll a new orof 100 purses, which they overcame! backpack to call their own, but alsogentlyusedpursewithtoiletries,Community Lead, Jennifer Sawyer, thegiftofdignity,saidcampaignsanitary products and other personalwho brought the campaign to Port founder Angel Freedman. items. Add your own special touch,Perry,saystheresponsebythe ThecampaignbeganinYorksuch as a scarf, gloves, notebook orcommunityhasbeenoverwhelm-RegionandTorontoin2014withjournal, or gift card.ing.Threeyearsagowestarted amodestcollectionof1,500newThe drive has grown every yearo smallwithfamilyandfriends andgentlyusedpurses withsince, with more than 10,000 pursesparticipating. Slowly through wordlled personalnecessitiesbeingdonatedcollectedthroughouttheprovinceof mouth, the campaign has grown. to a few shelters across the Greaterandincampaignsspringingupin Toronto Area. communitiesacrossCanadaandPlease turn to page 61FOCUS - DECEMBER 201959'