b'The committee also recognized some outstanding local youth athletes. LucyLee(right)isamulti-sportathlete,excellingatfieldlacrosse, wrestling and rugby. Hannah Cornish (middle) is a competitive swimmer having won multiple gold, silver and bronze medals. Lilly Tuck (left, represented here by her sister Kate) is another excellent swimmer, whos earned an athletic scholarship at Providence College in Rhode Island asThe induction ceremony featured a hilarious preformance a cross-country runner and track and field. by comedian Freddy Proia. representatives in the Dominion Play-Morley Davidson as Sports Pioneers,For more informationdowns(aNationaltitle).Theyfin- forformallybringingtennistoPorton the Scugog Sports Hall of Fame ished fourth overall in Canada at thatPerry,andtheywerealsoacknowl- Committee, or to nominate an athlete bonspiel. The Scugog Sports Hall ofedged for their 50th anniversary. or builder worthy of induction,FameCommitteealsorecognizedvisit Scugog.ca/SportsHallofFame, the Port Perry Tennis Club ExecutivePhotos and Story by Ryan Rogers,call 905-985-8698 or emailofGeorgiaBrock,JohnScott,BettyScugog Sports Hall of Fame,scornish@scugog.ca.Terrett, John Diamond, Jay Neill andSpecial to Focus on ScugogThe Port Perry Tennis Clubs inaugural executive committee was honoured as Pioneers of Sport, celebrating the commitment of Georgia Brock, John Scott, Betty Terrett, John Diamond, Jay Neill and Morley Davidson. Pictured here John Scott and Georgia Brock with HOF committee member Rob Scott.Hall of Fame(Continued from page 39)team again, to qualify for a rematchThePortPerryrinkofGarnetother teams would thank them for not against Pembroke. The 1994-95 PortWarriner(skip),BillCornish(vice),showing up so that they could have a Perry IGA Ringette Team is remem- Peter Warren (second) and Bob Leachchance at winning! bered fondly by their coaches as the(lead) are respected individual curlers,Theirgreatestaccomplishment team that wouldnt quit, coming alland as a foursome who started compet- came in 2005, as they won the zone and thewaybackfromlosingtheiring together in 2001, they were feareddistrict championships, and then the firsttwogames,towinningtheat local and provincial bonspiels. OftenOntarioLegionCurlingProvincials, championships. when they didnt enter a tournament,which qualified them as the Ontario Port Perry SmartCentre905-985-3223 40 FOCUS - DECEMBER 2019'