b'I didnt see many donkeys as I entered Bethlehem. Interesting sites while driving through town.Bethlehem (continued from page 69) Afterafifteen-minutewalkween- in the house (or inn), where Joseph and stalls of spices and fruits everywhere.tered Nativity Square, a large, concreteMary stopped, after their lengthy donkey Many years of seeing artists renditionsarea, which leads to the beautiful Churchadventure.of Bethlehem, had formulated images inof the Nativity. The cathedral is a histori- The lineup was quite long (about two my mind. Of course, the thirty plus heatcal marvel, all to itself. Constantine thehours), but as I probably will not return immediatelyerasedanypreconceivedGreat, in the place where Christ was be- anytime soon, it was something I had scenes of snow. lieved to have been born, constructed itto do. Once you arrive at the entrance Afterdrivingforquiteawhile,wein 330 CE. A star marked the exact spotto the cave, you walk down about six or found a parking spot and began walkingof the birth, but it was stolen in 1847. seven steps, and come upon two places thestreetswhereindividualsfromtheAnother myth shattered, there wasntwithin a couple of metres of each other. New Testament had walked. We passedamanger.MosthousesbackintheThe first is where Christ was born, and some interesting shops, such as Starsday,hadcavesbeneaththemwherethe second where he was laid. and Bucks (with a similar logo to Star- theywouldstoregoods,sleepwhenThe experience was interesting, but bucks) and a big hit in the area, Colonelit was very hot upstairs and keep their Sanders, with his KFC. domestic animals. Such was the casePlease turn to page 72The 700 km wall that surrounds Palestine.FOCUS - DECEMBER 201971'