b'GIVING BACK :A New Bursary for Port Perry High School StudentsTheres an exciting new bursaryfor a total of 150 people. Some trav-for Port Perry High School (PPHS)elled from as far away as Calgary. graduateswhoareenteringtheEveryone had a nametag with their world of work.old yearbook photo, which helped Traditionally,bursarieshavehimorhertoidentifylong-lost onlybeenawardedtograde12friends.graduatesgoingontocollegeorNot only was the reunion a so- nancial university. But about one third ofcial success, it was also a all grads opt to seek employmentsuccess.Thesilentauctionand instead. A PPHS 40th reunion partysomereunionattendeesthatdo-raised over $5,000 to kick-start thisOrganizers Susan McDougall and Lori Bigwoodnated directly to the bursary raised bursary program to help job-hunt- had hoped for $1,500 and were thrilled with the$5,070. The question was, what to ing PPHS grads get established.nal outcome. do with the money?TheidealcandidatewouldbeSusan recalled. Aretiredteacher,Susanasked a diligent student with good attend- Thereunion,heldonSeptemberPPHSguidanceteacherMarie ance who would apply their exem- 28 at the Port Perry Legion, was aSchillingwheretheneedwas. plary work ethic to a job placement,great time, Susan said. She was thereMarie pointed out that there are no saidSusanMcDougall.Itdoesntwith her husband Bill Short, who wasbursaries for students who are enter-have to be someone who joined allher chemistry partner in grade 13. Aingtheschooltoworkdestination the clubs or teams. lifelongSeagraveresident,Billwaspathway. As a former Co-op teacher, ItallbeganwhenLoriBigwoodveryhelpfulwith formerwhose job it was to match up studentsnding wroteaFacebookpostaboutherclassmates to invite. Photos of thosewith employers, Susan embraced this ideaoforganizinga40threunionin the class of 1979 who had passedidea. Debora and Lori agreed that of-for the cohort who started grade 9 atawaywerehonouredwithphotofering therst local bursary for a high Port Perry High School in 1974, andtributes. schoolgradenteringtheworkforceOutofthe300PPHSgrade9was exciting. nished grade 13 in 1979. Susan saw this post, and jumped in to help.studentsin1974,80alumni,plusPlease turn to page 28Then Debora Ward got on board. Thespouses, attended the reunion, threesome had fun tracking down thealumnithroughsocialmediaAll reunion alumni received a lanyard with their yearbook and their former classmates friendsphoto to wear making it easy and family, but it was challenging,to identify one another.The silent auction table and monetary donations raised an overwhelming $5,000.FOCUS - DECEMBER 201927'