b'5th Annual ScugogHousing SymposiumShared Home Ownership, PHOTOS BY MARYANN FLEMINGCo-ownership,Tiny Houses and moreOnSaturdayNovember2,theTownshipHousing Advisory Committee held the 5th annual Housing Sym-posium, at the Scugog Community Recreation Centre.FiveknowledgeablespeakerssharedinformationonRichard Wheatley, Tiny Home Specialist from Planet Structures varioustypesofhousingandmortgagesandthoseinLtd., brought along this sample of a Mt. Hood, Oregon,attendance gained valuable information. tiny home community.Mandy Sherman sharing her thoughts on shared ownership.Leslie Gaynor, a Home Buyers Advisor, GoCo Solutions Inc.from Monte Carlo Hair Salon & Barber Shop Service11 Water Street, Port PerryPlanet Structures Ltd.drawing of a tinyStructurally Insulated Panels (SIP) home, 905-985-3684 montecarlohair.caknown as a Cube.FOCUS - DECEMBER 201945'