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FOCUS - APRIL 2016 7 Student Works Painting has a 95 satisfaction rating. She is pleased that she is already getting calls to provide free estimates for prospective clients. And some local residents have already of- fered to post the Student Works Painting promotional signs on their lawns. A resident of Scugog town- ship since the age of two Eliza and her family are well known in the local community. You may remember her smiling face be- hind the counter at The Nutty Chocolatier for three years dur- ing her high school days. During her final year she worked as Manager which looked great on her resume. Eliza also served at Captain Georges restaurant. I love working with people and giving good customer ser- vice she said. Eliza says she is paying her own way through school. Hope- fully her upcoming summer as OwnerOperator of Student Works Painting will be successful enough to get her closer to fulfill- ing her dream of participating in a year-long student exchange program in Scotland. Plus this valuable experience will lead to her ultimate future goal as an entrepreneur. Yes Eliza admits that she is kind of afraid of heights but shes willing to get over it to do this. As well as administration she plans on getting down with a paintbrush an activity she truly enjoys. You cant do well if you dont love it she philosophized. It sounds like Eliza is going to love it. By Lynn Campbell Focus on Scugog To have Eliza quote on your job contact her by email at PhotoSbyMARYANNFLEMING April 9th 2017 Vimy Ridge 100th AnniVeRsARy 12 dAy touR 50 sold out. Are you registered yet Contact sharane slute dear 289-385-3327 Facebook Port Perrys Returning to Vimy for the 100th or email 1680 Reach Street Port Perry 905-985-4441 God loves you Anyway Find out more inside. Sundays 10 a.m. C o m m u n i t y C h u r c h