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8 FOCUS - APRIL 2016 After the implants have healed your denture is modified to snap onto the ball tops. The denture will be secure but may be removed for cleaning with a simple snap allowing you to go about your daily life with confidence. Stabilizing dentures using denture implants 462 Paxton Street Port Perry Located across from the hospital in the Medical Associates building 905-985-8459 EVENING APPOINTMENTS AVAILABLE Readers Choice Awards PORTPERRYSTAR BEST DENTAL OFFICE One of the challenges facing most people who wear dentures is stability. When dentures slip or flop around especially during chewing it can limit food choices and cause irritating sore spots. Almost every denture wearer is all to familiar with the cumbersome use and taste of denture glue particularly on the lower denture. A modern solution can be found locally at Port Perry Dental Associates. Its called the Locator. We consider it a superhero for denture wearers. In laymans terms the Locator is like a round metal stud or ball attachment. Two or more Locators are implanted into the jaw bone usually in the lower jaw to support and secure the dentures. The Locator and the dentures fit together in the same way as Lego pieces do. The Locator easily self-aligns into place enabling patients to easily seat and remove their over-denture. Patients can expect ease of insertion and removal long lasting performance and predictable durability. The bottom line is that this treatment has allowed denture wearers to enjoy the satisfaction of eating chewing and speaking more confidently in public. At Port Perry Dental Associates our dental team will diagnose and determine if a locator over-denture is right for you. There is no age limit to having over-dentures and there is no time like the present to start enjoying a new life of chewing and biting into apples. Benefits of removable implant-supported denture Can be removed daily for cleaning Puts an end to slipping dentures Restores proper chewing allowing a better diet and improved health Improves speech and confidence Increases comfort with less irritation of gum tissue Ends the cost and inconvenience of denture adhesives Often can utilize your existing denture Minimally invasive procedure Implant Attachments Makes insertion and removal of dentures a snap Bar Attachments Used when the splinting of implants is required with a bar for added stability. Balls Locators and Anchor Attachments in Overdentures