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6 FOCUS - APRIL 2016 Twenty-year-old Eliza Shaleena Q. Brown of Seagrave is proud to be a new OwnerOperator for Student Works Painting. Her mother Alison of Antweek fame is well known for breathing new life into old pieces of furniture through unique painting techniques which she teaches at workshops. With her moms coaching Eliza and her University roommate transformed free coffee and end tables into works of art with dramatic black legs and Beechwood tops. While Eliza has already learned the art of using paint to restore fur- niture her summer position with Student Works Painting marks her debut into painting bigger objects houses inside and out. She is well prepared for the challenge. Well-spoken enthusiastic and am- bitious Eliza is excited that she has officially signed the papers and now she legally owns her first business. A six interview process led up to her selection. Established in 1981 Student Works Painting offers a professional training program in both marketing and painting skills. Eliza has learned the skill of cutting how to cre- ate pristine lines without the aid of tape. How to roll paint when to use primer. The technology of paint and its ingredients. Hands-on painting training. How to fix holes in walls. Marketing skills. A graduate of Port Perry High School Eliza is in her second year of the four year Business Program at Ryerson in Toronto specializing in Retail Management. Shes also the administrator of Ryersons Student Initiative Fund which she describes as kind of a Dragons Den program where students pitch ideas for fund- raising events. I love it enthuses Eliza. Im so involved and it doesnt even feel like working Now Eliza is recruiting students from Port Perry and Lindsay second- ary schools to join her teams. Shes al- ready talked to the Business Teacher at Port Perry High School and dropped off brochures. Her next step will be to speak to the classes and share her enthusiasm about their chance to be part of her summer job program. We need people with energy and motivation says Eliza who herself fits in visits to the gym to work out to get in shape for the physicality of a summer with a paintbrush in hand. I need to keep fit to get up on a ladder and paint houses all summer she noted. Some of her employees will paint houses while others will do door-to- door marketing. The students will be trained in safety and how to use top quality paints primers and stains. Theres 5000000 liability insurance cover- age and full Workers Compensation coverage. Everyone will sport the distinc- tive red and white Student Works Painting t-shirts. We need to wear the t-shirts so people can identify us as profession- als Eliza pointed out. I want to pro- vide good employment opportunities for other students. The letters of reference she plans to write for her staff will be a big plus when they are applying for other jobs or for University admission. Eliza proudly points out that You might say that painting is a family tradition. Eliza Brown Painting her way to Scotland PAINTING