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FOCUS - APRIL 2016 3 Frank the pig is a real ham. With his outgoing personality he should be perfect for his upcoming role in a television commercial. A pot bellied pig Frank lives the proverbial Life of Riley in Port Perry. His large and cozy bed complete with comfy blankets is strategically situated by the warm fireplace and the big screen TV. Apparently pigs do not like the cold. His owner Jenny Halliday 17 brought Frank home from Oshawa Zoo in December of 2015 because the wee piglet may not have been able to survive the freezing winter temperatures. Five-month-old Frank is not wee anymore. His exact weight at the time of this writing on March 1 was uncer- tain maybe 50 or 60 lbs. Jenny says that Frank loves dog food evidenced by the fact that he kept rooting enthu- siastically at the bin during our visit. Franks diet also includes lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. My Dad likes to make him these awesome salads Jenny said. Jenny attends Port Perry High School and she has a double co-op at Oshawa Zoo where she enjoys caring for the animals. Around Christmas time Jenny and her father Bob brought cute little Frank home in a crate to stay for a while. Hes a beloved part of the family now. Hes very affectionate says Jenny as Frank roots around this re- porter for pats. Look at his cute little brown eyes. I dont know whats not fun about having a pig around she adds as Frank strolls around the dining room comically knocking over the chairs like bowling pins and trying to get the lid off of the treat bin with his snout. Frank has fit into the Halliday household quite well. Hes best friends with mixed breed dog Izzy. Jennys friends and her brother Joey are all taken with Frank who seems to smile all the time. And he wags his little tail whenever he hears Jennys voice. Hes attracted to shiny things like jewellery Jen says. I really like him said Jennys mother Jane. Hes cute and interest- ing. Its good that he can be here by the fire and not in a barn on these cold days. This novelty pet is smart and easy to train says Jenny. He goes outside to relieve himself like the family dog. Frank is bathed regularly and he enjoys his coconut oil massages to prevent dry skin. The only issue is Frank is getting kind of heavy and he cant do stairs with those high-heel shaped hooves so people have to carry him from one level of the house to the other. Frank is one of many unusual pets that Jen has taken care of over the years including hermit crabs lizards bearded dragons leopard geckos and a duck Jane recalls the time that little Jenny went on a school trip to Noahs Ark There was my four-year-old daughter with a hug snake wrapped around her Jen loves all Gods creatures and has no fear of any animal. She has been accepted to the one year Animal Care program at Durham College next year and her ultimate career goal is to be a Wildlife Rescue Worker and travel. As for Frank he will be travelling to a stage set to star in a commercial for Plan Canada thanks to a con- nection between Jenny and Brad an animal trainer at the Toronto Zoo. Two pigs are needed for the TV spot to promote the purchase of two pigs for 90. to provide aid to children and the moth- ers who love them in 69 countries. Frank has the summer of 2016 to look forward to since pigs enjoy the hot weather. Jenny says he will have to wear sunscreen since his wiry hairs are sparse on his black skin. So if you see a smiley pig on a blue leash walking about town in the nicer weather say Hello to Frank By Lynn Campbell Focus on Scugog this little piggy