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Watch for potholes Go around them if possible. If you cant avoid a pothole safely at least slow down. Have the vehicles wheel alignment checked regularly because potholes can damage tires suspension and alignment. Keep tires properly inated This decreases the risk of tires riding on a lm of water instead of being in rm contact with the road surface hydroplaning. If you do begin to hydroplane reduce speed and dont brake or turn. IN-PORT AUTOMOTIVE Service Repair Import Specialists 905-985-3971 In-Port Automotive Dont take your Import out of Port PARTS SERVICE MAINTENANCE CLEANING SALES ACCESSORIES TIPS FOR SAFER SPRING DRIVING Spring weather can be very unpredictable. You could be looking at a sunny perfect 75 degree weather one day and be facing a blizzard the next. Always be aware of the driving conditions and other motorists and keep these tips in mind to make sure you stay safe on the road this springtime Superior Tire Auto Oil Changes 29.95 Tire Specials 12 Price Alignments SPECIALS Warranty Approved with purchase of four new tires Plus tax Up to 5 litres Most vehicles complete auto repair Vehicle Certifications start at BRAKES TUNE UPS ALIGNMENTS Hours Monday-Friday 800 am - 600 pm Saturday 800 am - 200 pm 1511 Reach Street Port Perry 905-985-1999 Beware of slush Remember to drive extra slowly in and around slushy conditions. Slush is grabby and can suddenly slow your car down. Way down. Slush can also grab at your tires and make lane changing a difcult operation. It can also accumulate on your windshield blocking your vision. Port Perry Auto Glass Trim Ltd. YOURE INVITED CUSTOMER APPRECIATION DAY- APRIL 15th. PLEASE JOIN US 905-985-8507 1575 Hwy 7A Port Perry P YOUREYOURE Outdoor BBQ 11am - 3pm Free draws FOCUS - APRIL 2016 23