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10 FOCUS - APRIL 2016 Letters to the editor continued from page 2 Mailbox Scugog Lake Stewards meeting Dear Editor Lake Scugog will be the center of a whole lot of attention this summer. No doubt you have heard of planning for a dredging and storm water improvement project for the Port Perry shoreline called the Lake Scugog Enhancement Project. You may also have heard of the Scugog Lake Stewards research last year that discovered that the lake vegetation had changed dramatically because of a new invasive alga the long- term results of which are unknown. If you are a boater or just a person who enjoys the beauty of our lake we suggest that you come to hear for the first public discussion Rob Messervey CAO of Kawartha Conservation on our partnership in the Enhancement Project and Dr. Andrea Kirkwood of U.O.I.T. discussing our very exciting partnership in a long term lake research study on the changed lake conditions and their possible effects especially on our fishery. Plan to attend the Scugog Lake Stewards Annual General Meeting at 7 p.m. Thursday April 14 at Sunnybrae Golf Club on King Street in Prince Albert and get up-to-date with these projects and much more that the Scugog Lake Stewards will be doing this summer. We look forward to meeting you there. If you cannot make it send us a note to get on our mailing list for information We also have big plans to grow and are looking for volunteers for roles great and small. Send us a note. Barbara Karthein President Good deed acknowledged with thanks Dear Editor My husband and I attended a musical show at the Town Hall on February 6 and thoroughly enjoyed it. At some point I realized I was missing one of my rings which I had worn for 30 or more years. During intermission we looked around for it without any luck. When we were leaving I gave the lady at the office my name and phone number with a description of the ring. Two weeks went by without any word so I thought I wouldnt see it again. I got a phone call on February 18 saying Michael who works there had found my ring. Not only was I surprised and excited but I did not think that they would keep my name and phone number for that length of time. It has been noted many times before how many good deeds are done by the people of Port Perry and I wish to show my gratitude to the people of the Town Hall. Louise Penstone Port Perry New golf league looking for members Dear Editor Some guys who enjoy golfing are launching a new league for men at Kings Bay Golf Club in Seagrave. Interested parties are welcome to join the fun and festivities. Heres what you need to know Opening day registration Tuesday April 26th 2016 9 a.m. conditions permitting League Fee 25.00 - Weekly prizes variety of golf formats handicapped play League rates are as follows Golf 15.00 9 holes - same day 2nd round 10.00 Cart 9.00 per player with available coupons Our Opening Day Special with league registration will include complimentary coffee water snack complimentary round of golf and complimentary cart for Golf North members. For further information contact Jim Wakeford at Jim Wakeford Seagrave Volunteers highly appreciated Dear Editor I recently spent three days in our local hospital and I would like to write about my experience. We all know about our dedicated doctors nurses and lab technicians who do their various jobs with such dedication and kindness even when poking you with a needle but I would like to write about the many volunteers who live in our community and give of their time freely just because they are nice people. First the PINK LADIES who bring containers of fresh cold water and have pockets full of cookies. They also come in the afternoon and conduct craft classes. The high school students who come and organize card games and best of all come by your room and talk to you or more precisely let you talk. The lady who brings her little black Scottie dog by and lets you talk about your own dog whom you have had to leave at home. Also the gentleman who came by and played GOLDEN OLDIES on the piano and invited us to sing along. In addition almost anyone would bring you a cup of tea and some cookies at any time of the day or night. I also made use of the book cart which sits outside of the gift store in the lobby also run by volunteers as is the store on Mary Street. I could go on and on but I think I have made my point. Thank you to these and any others I may have missed. It is certainly appreciated. Marjory Ueckert Port Perry Please send us your letters. We ask that you keep them to a maximum of 250 words although shorter is often better. Be aware that we cannot publish negative letters about individuals or businesses. Submit to