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FOCUS - APRIL 2016 9 THUMBS UP - late one frigid February afternoon the Scugog Chamber ofce was visited by a 17-year-old boy...penniless freezing depressed with no place to sleep and nothing to eat. that late in the day calls to regular social services went unanswered. Staff nally called our Scugog Chamber Chaplain Dr. Fred Penney who picked the boy up took him home fed him and gave him a bed for the night. the next day he gave him some spending money took him to the oshawa train station and bought him a ticket to Kingston where his mother lives. Kudos to Pastor Fred. this is your Scugog Chamber of Commerce in action THUMBS DOWN - to the thoughtless individual who left a bewildered and frightened cat in a crate sometime through the night Feb. 19 outside Camilles Closet Thrift Store for the volunteers to nd in the morning. The cat has been picked up and taken to the Animal Shelter where hopefully it will nd a loving home. Unbelievable THUMBS UP - to Megalore Group. this is a caring group of local residents who strive to assist community members within Scugog township who are faced with life altering challenges and in need of assistance. locals helping locals THUMBS DOWN - to those individuals who tied up the 911 emergency phone lines when an Amber Alert ashed on their TV screen this past month. If it was your child were sure you would want anything humanly possible done to help locate the child. Shame on you THUMBS UP - to those individuals including doula nicole and the new life Centre nurses who helped to deliver a beautiful baby in the Port Perry Hospital parking lot It was a very cold winter night in early February and the parents were thankful for all who ran to their aid. THUMBS UP - to all who opened their wallets and gave generously during this years Heart Stroke Campaign. the goal was surpassed and some of this money will fund research to extract dangerous blood clots forming in the brain. this new treatment has been shown to cut the death rate from major stroke by half and signicantly reduces disability for survivors. thanks to everyone umumumumTh bsh bh bh bumh bumumh bumh bh bh bh bumh bumumh bumumh bum Do you have a Thumb up or down Please submit two or three sentences to a maximum of 125 words to If you have an issue with a business owner please speak with them directly rather than use this column. Natural HealtH associates 126 - 2 Water Street Port Perry 905-985-8591 Dr. John Tompkin Chiropractor Our services are covered by most extended health care benefits. Chiropractic Foot Pain Therapy Orthotic Therapy Ihavebeentreatingfootpain andbuildingqualitycustom madeorthoticsfornearly19 yearsandIamstillamazedat howmanypatientshavebeen tootherfootspecialistsinthe pastbuthaveneverreceived treatmentfortheirfoot problemspriortoreceiving theirorthoticdevice. Inmostcasesmypatients receivetreatmentstohelp restorepropermotioninthe feetandlowerlimbs.Custom madeorthoticscanthenbe prescribedtohelpsupport thesechanges. Iamalsoamazedwhena patientbringsinabagofridgedhardandbulkyfoot devicesthateitherdontfitintheirshoesdonthelpthe problemorinsomecasescreatenewproblems. Thecustommadeorthoticsatmyclinicaremadefrom resilienthighqualityplasticsthatallowtheproper amountofcontrolwhilepermittingthefoottomoveas itwasdesignedthusoptimizingshockabsorption.Our orthoticscanbemadeforthelargestworkboottothe smallestheelpumpsorloafers. LastlyIamalwaysamazedathowmanypatients haveneverreceivedaproperexplanationoftheirfoot problems. InmyclinicIdobothafootexamandacomputerized gaitscan.Ithengothroughtheresultsandeducatethe patientsotheyunderstandwhytheirproblemsexist andwhattheycandotocorrectthem.Iexplainthe principlesbehindproperfootmotionandthedifferences betweenthedifferenttypesoforthoticsallowingthe patienttomakeaninformeddecision. Foranochargenoobligationconsultationpleasecall Dr.JohnTompkinatNaturalHealthAssociatestoday. PUTYOURBESTFOOTFORWARD FOOT PAIN Do you suffer from