b'Rotarians are happy to phone seniors for a chatScugog Food Bank, Community Care, the Medical and ask if they would like any reading material,Associates of Port Perry, the Seniors Club, Port Christynoted.The demographiccontactedPerry Place, Port Perry Villa and West Shore Villagerst HOMEBOUND BOOKS were the local seniors who usually attend the fancyhave all been contacted to spread the word. Wilma annual Rotary gala dinner, which, sadly, had to beWotten and Linda DeBoer have pitched in to man cancelled last year due to the pandemic. Being partthe phones. Theres been an email blitz, and good Mysteries, Romances, Books on History, Health and More, All Yours for FREE of this free book initiative gives Rotarians a way toword of mouth advertising for what Bonnie calls You are on pandemic lockdown, feeling socially isolated and a little bit blue. do something nice for local seniors, Christy added.the slow launch.What could be nicer than curling up with your favourite drink and enjoying a good book? Its pleasant to talk on the phone, and haveAlthough its a partnership between the Rotary someone checking in on people too. Its a way toClub and the Library Board with many volunteers The Rotary Club of Port Perry and the Scugogseniors. Some people dont drive. reach out, Christy said. It helps to keep Rotariansinvolved, Christy gives Bonnie credit for spear-Memorial Public Library Board have teamed up toThereareabout800booksbeingstoredinactive. heading this project. HOMEBOUND BOOKS got brighten your day!Christys restaurant, The Piano Inn and Cafe, andChristyinvitespeopletolookforbiosofothe ground in an amazing two days time fol-You may have already seen the HOMEBOUNDin Bonnies garage. Rotarians, library board mem- RotariansandhistoricalphotosontheClubslowing a Library Board meeting. BOOKS posters, which read:Beat your COVIDbers and their friends donated some. Others areFacebook page and Instagram in the near future.There was a lot of energy and cooperation, boredom with a mystery bag of books delivered tosurplus books, which were donated to the library,One of the pictures will be of Christys grandfathersaid Bonnie.your door for free!or taken out of the collection. Each book has beenwhen he was a member. The sites will showcaseBonniecreatedtheartistic topromoteyers Wearepassionateaboutit,commentedquarantinedforatleastthreedays,inkeepingtheclubsgoodworkdoneovertheyears.OfHOMEBOUNDBOOKS.ShesaysHometown LibraryBoardmemberBonnieBunting.Bookswith public health department regulations duringcourse, the latest Rotary project to be featured isPrinting was a big help. Patrons also get a keep-are a great escape. the pandemic. Volunteers wear masks and glovesbook delivery. sake bookmark with their name on it in the bag Rotary Club President and Library Board mem- when handling the books. At this time of social isolation theres excite- with their literary treasures. ber Christy Stone-Curry teamed up with BonnieWeve already had calls and deliveries, saidment when the doorbell rings and the books ar- We call Bonnie the Book Whisperer, Christy on a Zoom call to explain how this wonderful pro- Bonnie, who lives near Canterbury Commons. Therive, Bonnie commented. Some people share therevealed.gram works. All you have to do is phone in yourcommon library in the community building therebooks with family and friends. If you would like to arrange delivery of some preferences for book genres and your books willhas been closed during the pandemic, she said.The organizers wish to thank all of the localgreat books, just call Jim: 905-985-5491 or Colleen: be delivered to your home. There is no charge, andSome seniors are uncomfortable venturing out tobusinessesthatgotonboardtohelppromote905-391-6820 or email Bonnie: bonniebunting1@you dont have to give the books back.borrow or buy books due to COVID, so this freeHOMEBOUND BOOKS. Flyers are included withgmail.com. Happy reading!Somepeopleareshut-insorcanta ordbook servicethe gap. Flyers were put in thedeliveries by Vos Your Independent Grocer andBy Lynn Campbell,lls books, Bonnie pointed out. And its not just formailboxes of all Canterbury Commons residents. PharmacyAssociatesofPortPerry.OperationFocus on ScugogFOCUS - APRIL 2021 7'