b'Chris and Kendall(continued from page 17) A lot of local people may not even be aware that the ChrisearnedmembershiponOntariosteamattheChrisiscandidabouthercontribution:Herworkfacilitysevenhere,Chrisexplains.WenowhaveaWE BUY & SELLprestigiouscross-borderWilmingtonCuptournament.ethic made this happen. presence on a Port Perry Facebook group, because socialJEWELLERYCOINSThere, he found college recruiters were watching. His comment was cryptic, so the explanation fell tomedias a great place to get known.And were plan-I researched a number of locations with scholarshipsKendall. ning to partner with local businesses, engaging in weeklyWATCHESSTERLINGin mind, he says.And wound up at the University ofHe was nicely saying Im a bit of a workaholic, shecontests:Come to Sandbaggerz, have the chance to winPAPER MONEYMILITARIAAkron in Ohio. laughs.And Im not afraid of hard work. a gift card that kind of thing. ESTATES WELCOMEFive years at the school provided him with an educa- Kendalls path to the golf industry channeled throughWhat the world will look like in spring is anyonesWE tion in International Business and a wealth of experienceChris. guess, Chris admits. MAKE Of course the pandemic and the governments restric- HOUSEin collegiate golf.While he fared well, establishing someHe introduced me to the game and I loved it.Yourtions are signi cant factors in our opening. INSTANT CALLSrecords at the school, his time with Akrons team was alsoskill level doesnt matter, and you can enjoy four orveAnyone tackling a sizable project will surely agree thatCASHsobering as he looked toward his future. hours of casual conversation.Its a great way to bringyou can only work on those items over which you have Sure, it was my dream to make a career in golf and playpeople together. control.Still in winters grip, Chris and Kendall continue on the PGA tour.But I realized I wasnt good enough. The couple agreed there was much work to be done toto surge forward with their reno- Honest, Qualified, ConfidentialPerhaps he couldnt see the future on tour, but he didreach their vision.Slowly but surely, the list of renova- vations as well as re ning their see a future as golf pro, starting at Pickerings Cherrytions grew longer.Downs. WeputinnewteedecksandconcretepadsforafuturevisionofSandbaggerz,Offeringcon dentintheirsharedbelief Itaughtmen,women,andkids,heremembers30-person hitting area, Chris explains.Then we turnedthat if they do their part whileJewellery of the position.And found time to enter some localour attention to the mini-putt, which needed paint and tournaments. repair. theweatherscold,fateRepair,willsmileonthem But his time would soon be devoted elsewhere. At one point, we decided: Lets do this!Kendallby doing the restManufacturingI married and we had a son, so a job working a hun- adds.And not long after, it was lets do that.Were dred hours a week didntt my new priorities.Aftervesuper-excited. whenit & Custom Design nally years at Cherry Downs, I left for a normal job. Part of that enthusiasm stemmed from their sense thatwarms.But you The itch to rejoin the golf industry never subsided.the Port Perry area needed the kind of entertainment out- have to imagine1874 Scugog Street, Port PerryWhen the Port Perry driving range came up for salevelet they planned to provide. that, more so than anyGOLDBUG Hwy. 7A across from Water Streetyears ago, Chriss interest was piqued, but ultimatelyIts the sort of family entertainment we needother year, theyre lookingINTERNATIONAL 905-985-0001he found another buyer had beat him to the punch. here, they agree.Theres nothing else quiteforwardtospottingthatBy Scott Mercer,Hours:Mon-Fri 10-5; Sat 10-4 Focus on ScugogI put in an o er, but missed out.But I kept mylike it.rst robin.eye on it. Both keep the project moving forward in Last June, his 12-year-old son reported thatspite of full-time jobsChris running a con-the property had gone on the market again.structioncompany,Kendallasa re ghter This time, Chris would not be denied.andworkingoppositeshifts.Those But at the same time, he quickly recog- challenges havent dampened their excite-nized that if he was successful in hisment.Detailed planning continues whileDr.Gauster, M.D.purchase, this would be no turnkeythe renovations proceed, Kendall says.operation. Well be hands-on owners.Well IwentthereontheCanadahave friends and family working on site. Day weekend.There was no oneAndmuchaswehaveavision,well intheoceplayerswereonthestayopentonewideas.Weretotally honours system.And it sure wasntcommunity-focused. Neuromodulator the way I remembered it. Inanticipation,thecouplehasInjections(BOTOX)Enter Kendall. Mini Golf anyone? launched a social awareness campaign.Dermal FillerseyelashEnhancementMedical Grade Skin Care Products462 Paxton St. Suite 205 WWW.lakesidebotox.com(905) 985-2895, ext. 5424 info@lakesidebotox.comFOCUS - APRIL 202119'