b'Here for You because the CT scanner involves the (continued from page 3) use of radiation. Enjoy a Steak, andEvenbeforehisambulancetripfromPortPerryscanner in Port Perry, Brent commented. It would be a MinistryfundingwillpayforHelp Purchase a CT Scanner! HospitaltoLakeridgeHealthOshawaforaCTscanbetter use of resources.system was updated during the reno- theongoingoperationofthenewand suffering from a serious medical emergency, BrentA local businessman, Brent is spearheading a major fun-vation. New wiring was necessary toCT scanner as part of the diagnosticHerrington was dedicated to fundraising for Port Perrydraising event to support the HERE FOR YOU campaign, accommodate the CT scanner. imaging team, but community sup- Hospital Foundation. recently launched by the Port Perry Hospital Foundation It is our hope that by the end ofport is key for the purchase of thisFrom personal experience, Brent is aware of how im- (PPHF) to raise money to purchase CT scan diagnostic 2022, we will be able to scan patientsequipment.portant it is to have CT scan equipment more convenientlyequipment.atPortPerryHospital,Rachelan- Currently, if a patient of Port Perryavailable to patients at Port Perry Hospital. In June of 2020,Purchase a $90 box of 10 oz. NY Striploin Steaks (8 nounced,addingthatitcouldbeHospital requires a CT scan, they havehe attended the emergency department at the local hospital.pieces per box) and $20 per box is donated to the PPHF. earlier if Ministry of Health approv- to go to Lakeridge Health Oshawa.I didnt feel right, he recalled. I was uncomfortable.Within the past two years, Brent has donated an amaz-alsarefinalized.ThisisnecessaryOftenanursewouldaccompanyaThis sensation escalated to extreme pain.ing $20,000 to the hospital foundation to help purchase patient in the ambulance, leaving theWhen he had the CT scan in Oshawa, Brent was diag- state-of-the-artmedicalequipment.Heisdedicatedto hospital short staffed, and causing anosed with appendicitis. His appendix ruptured betweenchampioning this cause to acquire the much-needed CT delayindiagnosis.Non-emergencythe time that he first went to the ER on Wednesday, thenscanner. patientshavetoprovidetheirownoff to Oshawa for the CT scan, then back to Port Perry forAll donations, large and small, are appreciated by the transportation. surgery on Friday morning. The operation performed byPPHF.Inthecaseofastrokevictim,Dr. Wang went well, he said, and he was back to work onHerringtons Quality Butchers is located at 251 Queen Timeisbrain,saidRachel,quot- light duty within a week. St. in Port Perry. Why not plan a BBQ and help the PPHF ing Dr. Andy Myer, the RadiologistMy story is a prime example of why we need a CTat the same time?andsiteleadforLakeridgeHealth Oshawa. He is a strong advocate of CT scan technology, because a quickshe emphasized. Early diagnosis canTimingiskey.Atimelydiagnosis diagnosisisofparamountimpor- be lifesaving for patients sufferingmeans timely treatment.tance to identify the type of stroke,from a variety of emergencies such asIn 2019, there were 2,500 CT scans stop the stroke that is attacking brainstrokes, aneurysms, and appendicitis. performed on patients from Scugog Adrienne of Easy for you Eats in Port Perry,cells, and determine the right courseAtwominutetripdowntheandBrocktownshipsatanout-of baked 200 sugar cookies to help launch theof medical care.hallisbetterthana25minutetrip-town Lakeridge Health location.campaign in a fun way on social media.A CT scan can save brain cells,down the road, Rachel pointed out.Having a CT scanner at the Port Perryhospitalwillmakeadifficult situationeasiertobearforpatients andtheirfamilies,Rachelpointed ~Happening at RG Styles~ out.Itsawaytoexpandanden-hance diagnostic services.Hereshowyoucanhelpmake 10%* OFF 50%* OFF the dream of a CT scanner a reality. 2021 Call the PPHF office at 905-985-7321 All scalp andAll 2020 wigs ext.45580withyourfundraising New Wighair loss products eventidea,ortomakeacharitable Collection donation. Theres also a handy GIVE TODAY button to click on the website at www.pphfoundation.ca.A strong advocate for the CT Scan in Port Perry is Dr. Andy Myers, Radiologist and CT By Lynn Campbell, Focus on Scugog site lead at Lakeridge Health Oshawa.Make an appointment today for a FREE Consultation*Limited time only21 Wilbur AvenueI 905-985-0099 Irgreco@quisk.caRosario Greco Styles @RGSTYLES4 FOCUS - APRIL 2021'