b'Fertilizer for sale! Keep on growing!The Greenbank Lions Club is selling bagsoflawn(28-4-8)andgarden(18- FERTILIZER55 lb.Above and Beyond wanted to bring a smile to families18-18) fertilizer for $35.00 per 55 lb bag. in our community and asked Operation Scugog to surpriseWe will deliver the bags to your home. 40 families with our Basket with a Di erence Event.Order now for delivery in April and May.We prepared 40 baskets, ranging from Seniors CareFor orders in Seagrave, please call Don at 905-985-3595. basketsfull of goodies, McDonalds Family Drive Thru,For Port Perry and surrounding areas, please call Jill at Pizza and Popcorn Movie Night and meals with dessert905-259-6720oremailjill_shepherd@yahoo.com.For andhomemadebreadmadelovinglybyMyrafrompaymentbye-transfersendthefundstorlbaker95@Cooking It Forward. yahoo.com, use the password fertilizer.All proceeds Thank you to each of you who gave money and giftsupport local community projects.Thank you!cardsevery penny went into these baskets. there were many smiles! We would also like to thank Ginger from McDonalds who ensured each Drive Thru basket met the needs of each family. TimPokulokfromSquare Boy donated 11 large pizzas to As we werenalizing this issue we received an our Movie Night baskets.justannouncement from Lindsey Park MPP.amazing!I am pleased to announce a new Long-Term Care May God Bless each of youbuild in Port Perry!whogavewithyourPort Perry Place has been allocated 96 new spaces heart . we are well andand 75 upgraded spaces in addition to the 53 beds previ-truly blessed. ously announced for a net new 224-bed home.Above and Beyond Team Very exciting news as an increase is de nitely needed.46FOCUS - APRIL 2021'