b'THUMBS UP - A reader sent in her sincerest thanks to our local Rotary Club and our local Library Board for their pandemic initiative named HOMEBOUND BOOKS. I recently found a paper bag full of pocket novels, from HOMEBOUND BOOKS, on my front porch. Im a senior who lives alone and these books will bring me many hours New Owners of reading enjoyment. Thank you HOMEBOUND BOOKS! THUMBS UP - to North End Fitness for working so hard to New Location bring new and exciting exercise classes paired with super sweet and motivating tough instructors to keep us mentally 119 Perry St., Unit 5 and physically sane. As if that wasnt enough, they have already made such a mark on this community with their 905-985-6929 North Week: working with local businesses to provide free cavcobantiques@gmail.com classes and prizes for donations to Operation Scugog. THUMBS UP - to everyone who has donated to the Port FOLLOW USPerry Hospital Foundation Here for You campaign thus far. CAVIARCOBWEBS FOR 10% OFF Also, to all the businesses that have stepped up and are offering a portion of their sales to go towards this cause. CONSIGNMENT WELCOME! Times have been tough and yet this town just keeps on AND ticking and giving! WE BUY JEWELLERY THUMBS DOWN - to those that insist on light jumping at Simcoe St. turning east on to 7A. Vehicles trying to jump the green light, advanced or not, and make the left hand GOLD & SILVER, WATCHES, AND MORE! turn, cutting off oncoming traf c. This seems to be a regular occurrence and its a bad intersection with very limited visibility. Please be considerate to everyone on the road.THUMBS UP - to the 100 Men of Scugog who so far have collected $3500 for the Port Perry Walk for Dog Guides fund Hello. Find Your Happy Place for a Scugog resident, and to the owners of our local Pet Valu and Paulmacs and customers, who continue to raise funds all year round!THUMBS UP - Another mention(s) to John Mackey for having continually kept the ice rinks cleared this past winter on the lake. Many people enjoyed it and made some unique memories.Do you have a Thumb up or down that you wouldlike to see published?Please submit two or three sentences to a maximum of 125 words to: focus@focusonscugog.comOffice open for in-person appointments april Composting Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday enriches soil. 10am - 4pm Keep organic waste 905-985-2268 (food scraps, MC LIVINgrass clippings, paper and wood) THEout of land lls where 158 Casimir St., Port Perry TICO #4577532 GREEN they produce methane.20FOCUS - APRIL 2021'