b'Here for CTHELP BRING IT TO PORT PERRY HOSPITALA two minute trip down the hall is better than a 25 minute trip on the road- Rachel Agnoluzzi, PPHF CEOPublic support for the Port Perrying and decorating 200 giant cookiesThis is exciting. We have all waited Hospital Foundation (PPHF) $4 mil- for the launch that was held at 9 a.m.a long time.lion fundraising campaign for a CTon March 4. Cookie recipients postedThere is already $2.45 million in scanner has been overwhelming. fun sel es to create awareness. the CT scan fund. Rachel explained This launch was like no other,These cookies were a great waythat some of this money was raised commentedPPHFCEORachelto spread the message far and wideduring a fundraiser for a CT scanner Agnoluzzi. We couldnt bring peo- onsocialmedia,Rachelenthused.10 years ago and kept aside for this ple together like in pre-COVID times.When they were distributed to one ofpurchase. Other generous PPHF do-We had to be creative to do a launchthe medical teams, there was a roundnations are in this pot. The Hospital during a pandemic. We got the wordof applause. Auxiliaryhaspledgedawhopping out through media and social media. People are thrilled and support- $350,000.Leadershipdonorsand Acampaign,featuringcookiesive,Rachelreported.Theonlinelocal businesses continue to rally to adornedwiththelogoHEREFORdonation portal went wild with dona- support the cause.YOU scripted in icing, proved to betions and words of encouragement. There was a silver lining to the averysuccessfuladvertisingidea.The community and the medical that gutted Port Perry Hospitalre RachelcomplimentedAdrienneofsta havewishedandhopedandin 2017, Rachel noted. The electrical Easy for You Eats for doing a fantas- wanted a CT scanner at Port Perry tic job, working day and night, bak- Hospitalforyears,Rachelsaid.Please turn to page 4On Thursday March 4, the launch of the Here For You campaign got underway with (l-r) Cynthia Davis, Lakeridge Health President and CEO, Ruth Spearing, The Auxiliary to Lakeridge Health Port Perry, Rachel Agnoluzzi, Port Perry Hospital Foundation CEO, Dr. Mark Adams and Trena DeBruijn, President of Port Perry Hospital Foundation.FOCUS - APRIL 2021 3'