b'YEARS IN PORT PERRYQ & A with Mike Dunn of Port Perry Denture ClinicQ.Mike, 25 years is a long time in the industry,Q.How long dowhat changes have you seen in this time? dentures last?A.Over the last 25 years there have de nitely beenA.Approximately 5-7some changes. The materials we use are alwaysyears. Everyone treats them improving, but the core process we use to makedi erently.a denture hasnt changed too much. That beingQ.What materials are used for making complete said, digital dentures look like they are going to be the future. dentures?A.Dentures are constructed out of mainly acrylic Q. How has COVID a ected you this past year?(plastic) and some have cast-metal involved as A.COVID has not really had a major e ect on mywell. practice. There were a few months where weQ.How long will it take to make a complete were all uncertain and everyone has a di erent comfort level when booking an appointment.denture?We have all the necessary protocols in place inA. Usually 5 appointments to make a new denture the oce so clients feel safe and we are open forand about two weeks, but I just completed business. emergency work for a client in one day!Q. What is the art to creating a perfecttting set ofQ.What is the di erence between full or partial dentures? You create them in-house, right? dentures?A.Creating a perfecttting denture can be aA.Full denture; replaces all of your natural teeth. challenge. No two people have the same mouthPartial denture; replaces one or several missing or same expectations, but we always strive forteeth, but not all.success. Q. 25 years in Port Perry, thoughts?Q.How much have dentures changed over time, and A.Port Perry is a great town! A lot of my clients are they more comfortable now?I would now consider friends.Some stop by A.Dentures have not really changed too much overwith co ee just to chat and not even about theirtime. As I said the materials improve, but I still dentures. I have a lot of repeat clientele and use some of the same materials my father used asreferrals from them as well, and that is humbling. a denturist back in the 70s. Sometimes if its notI have always said treat people the way you broken, dontx it. would like to be treated.Q.Why should I see a denturist? Q.Finally Mike, what do you enjoy doing when youA. arent working?You should see a denturist for your denture requirements, since our focus is strictly yourA.When I am not in one of my oces, you might dentures. That being said, I do work with several nd me out on my motorcycle or on our boat on dentists and oral surgeons to make sure we coverLake Scugog!all basis of treatment you may require. MIKE DUNN DDQ. What is a complete denture? 6 High St., Unit 4, Port Perry905-985-8028A.A denture that is replacing all of your naturaldunndenture@rogers.comteeth.PAID ADVERTISEMENT2 FOCUS - APRIL 2021'