FOCUS - MAY 2018 5 ANDY LEITCH Owner of Canadian Tire Port Perry LARRY TAYLOR (in business since 1975) Dealer - Taylor Ford Offering men’s cuts, colour and barbering. 1987 905-985-0099 21 Wilbur Avenue I DISTINCTIVE GENTLEMEN OF PORT PERRY Rosario Greco Styles......... For Your Best Look Since 1987 The smile and the passion didn’t change over the years. Left to right; 1981, 2003 and 2010. By Scott Mercer, Focus on Scugog use. Our study showed measurable change, and we were able to publish the results.” The unique initiative drew worldwide attention. The educational materials which John’s group authored are still, he reports, in use today. “Usually, medical education material’s out of date in a year or so. These have lasted, so far, for twenty.” The experience opened new professional avenues. “That was a turning point,” he reveals. “Because it got me interested in the academic side of medicine. And I worked in the perfect place for that, with Port Perry a teaching hospital.” Another initiative also proved successful. While the Medical Professionals physicians had to be interchangeable, each also offered the group a unique skill. John’s interest in long-term care represented his contribution, and began an association with Port Perry’s nursing home. He proposed a creative plan, as one of several car- egivers to take 15 residents –their average age, 86 – on a Caribbean cruise. “It was an incredible experience for the residents, and for us as caregivers. It shows you what you can do when you look at the whole patient as a complete person. Not just their medical issues.” John will continue, in reduced roles, on a variety of committees and foundations after May 9. He intends to continue teaching meditation, one of his personal passions. “It’s medicine of a different kind. Meditation’s proven to make people happier, calmer, and healthier.” He’ll also pursue his interest in photography, and looks forward to spending more time with his four grandchildren. Forty-three years practicing medicine in Scugog has left Dr. John Stewart with a wealth of cherished memo- ries. It’s evident, from his tone and words, that his nu- merous patients have left an imprint on his heart. But just as important, though perhaps unspoken in public, is the certainty that he, through his skill and hard work, has made a lasting positive impact on many of those same people. Enjoy a well-earned retirement, Dr. John.