FOCUS - MAY 2018 45 Business Leaders… PART 3 VIRGINIA FREW Marlin Travel Initially the love of travel lures agents into the travel profession but the relationships they build with clients over many years holds them in. This busy mother of two owns Marlin Travel, where she is celebrating her 30 year anniversary this month. The team does it all from packages to airline tickets, but Virginia specializes in cruises. A veteran of many cruises, she uses her knowledge of cabin locations, best times to sail certain regions and the benefits of each cruise line to help each guest navigate wisely. “I love helping clients plan their dream cruise,” she says. Cruises can be booked in some cases up to two years in advance and she is currently working on 2020 sail dates for some cruise destinations. Most cruise deposits are refundable so the client has complete flexibility when they take advantage of early book- ings. Their Caribbean group departure on Celebrity REFLECTION is now sold our (ask about waitlist) and details are just being finalized for an Alaska group in May 2019. Call Virginia today to discuss your next dream cruise. For those clients limited to weekend getaways, ask us about our departures DIRECT from Peterborough Airport. 158 Casimir Street, Port Perry 905-985-2268 MC MC TICO #4577532 COLLEEN ANDERSON Marlin Travel ColleenAnderson has been in the travel industry for 35 years (29 right here at Marlin Travel) and is a certified member of the Canadian Institute of travel counsellors which promotes professionalism and offers ongoing educational training. Many people believe that the best deals are found on line but your travel consultant can usually find the same price or less and you have the peace of mind that someone will advocate on your behalf if the need arises. It is always nice to deal with a person instead of a computer and get the best advice on your destination choice, necessary documentation and any extra costs that you might occur during your travels. You can pick up the phone and call Marlin Travel anytime and be sure of helpful service. Colleen will offer you the benefit of her lifetime’s travel experience. I am just back from a family vacation in lovely Punta Cana with grandchildren and am travelling to the beautiful beaches of Bermuda next month. Both fantastic destinations. Also, any questions about Britain, one of my fa- vourite destinations, call me today! 158 Casimir Street, Port Perry 905-985-2268 MC MC TICO #4577532 JEAN SCOTT Marlin Travel A travel professional is like your own concierge, better connected, faster than the internet and able to book the un-bookable with a single call. Jean Scott has over 25 years of experience in the travel industry. Her years of experience have brought knowledge, skill and resources to help clients realize their travel dreams. She has organized individual and group travel, Cruise Groups, Destination Weddings and Family Reunions as well as Luxury Travel Packages. JeanhasbeenfortunateenoughtotraveltomanycountrieswithinEurope,the Caribbean, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Greece, Turkey, all across Canada and many parts of the USA. Recently, she came back from touring Costa Rica and the Mayan Rivera. Travel has been her passion for as long as she can remember and she loves sharing her experiences with others. Nothing pleases Jean more than hearing about clients travel dreams and being able to make them come true. Jean welcomes the opportunity to be a part of your travel experience and looks forward to helping you discover the world! 158 Casimir Street, Port Perry • 905-985-2268 MC MC TICO #4577532 LEANNE MAZEROLLE Marlin Travel With a strong background in Hospitality & Event Management, TICO Certified and be- ing in the Travel Industry 17 years, it seems like forever that Leanne Mazerolle has had an attraction to any destination where palm trees sway, blue seas sur- round her and soft sand would tantalize her toes…Leanne has travelled extensively throughout the Caribbean and she en- joys offering her clients expertise for many of the Caribbean islands. As a Sandals/Beaches Certified Specialist, she can encourage you to make the right choice when considering one of this World Winning Hotel Chain’s Luxury All-Inclusive resorts. Family groups, Mission Groups, Destination Weddings and Honeymoons all over the world would be her specialties. Jamaica is one of her top “island” specialties and she was the 2013 “1st Prize” Winner of the Spoiled Agents’ “Why You love Jamaica” Contest. Her expertise in “off-the-beaten-track” travel is always a refreshing option for her more adventurous vacationers. So, come on in for a Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee… and a visit to talk TRAVEL with Leanne! 158 Casimir Street, Port Perry • 905-985-2268 MC MC TICO #4577532