Business Leaders… PART 2 28 FOCUS - MAY 2018 MICHAEL KONOPASKI Scugog Accounting “Michael Konopaski, PhD, CPA, CMA, CFP, has an impres- sive professional background. The owner of Scugog Accounting Professional Corporation, Chartered Professional Accountants, Michael has shared his expertise by speaking at conferences throughout Canada, the United States and Europe. Michael has 23 years of experience, including eight years in Port Perry. His consulting focuses on the financial capital of wealthy families and professionals. Services include accounting, audits, review engagements, bookkeeping, business advisory, entre- preneurial training, family business management, financial and investment education, estate planning and tax and succession planning. He makes time to serve locally on the Board of the Noozhoo Nokiiyan Limited Partnership. Michael and Roger Moase, CPA, CA along with their employees, are available with extended hours during tax season. For expert professional advice on your financial affairs, Scugog Accounting Professional Corporation is the wise choice.” 250 Queen Street, Port Perry 905-985-9791 • 905-985-8893 SCUGOG chartered professional accountants accounting professional corporation , MYLES O’RIORDAN Wagg Funeral Home Myles O’Riordan, is the proud owner of Port Perry Wagg Funeral Home and Thorne Funeral Home in Sunderland and Cannington. Clients at all three venues will benefit from his stellar reputation for sensitivity and genuine concern. “We offer traditional and non-traditional funerals in a peaceful, warm and comforting atmosphere,” Myles promises.And past history shows that Wagg Funeral Home lives up to that promise. Wagg Funeral Home has been serving the needs of Scugog and area resi- dents since 1846, and Myles purchased the business 27 years ago. He’s a past president of the Ontario Funeral Service Association. Their website offers information about funerals, lists obituaries, accepts donations and posts public condolences. An active member of the community, Myles is a member of the Rotary Club, Knights of Columbus, Oddfellows, Chamber of Commerce, BIA and the Port Perry Hockey League. 216 Queen Street, Port Perry 905-985-2171 • 15930 Old Simcoe Road, Port Perry • 905-985-9748 DR. JESSICA SHERWIN DR. MARGARET CHEUNG DR. CAROLYN BENSON DR. CHRISTINA MCRAE ScugogAnimalHospitalhasbeenprovidingveterinarycareto the Port Perry and surrounding communities for over 40 years, and our new hospital facility beside Tim Horton’s at the north end of town is easy to get to and fully handicap accessible. We have four doctors to cover all your pet care needs, in addition to our extensive referral network of professionals. Drs. Sherwin and Cheung practice a broad range of conventional medicine, dentistry, radiology, and surgery. They use laser surgery which results in improved patient comfort, less bleeding, and overall faster recovery. Dr. Benson practices homeopathic medicine which draws upon the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Dr. McRae brings a rich background as a feline focused practitioner, and a certification in the field of veterinary acupuncture which is a form of traditional Chinese medicine. We focus on preventative care through regular examinations, early detection screening, vaccinations, and treatment protocols that are tailored to the specific lifestyle and exposure of your pet. We also recommend and pro- vide prescription diets and health care products aligned to your pet’s own unique needs. Don’t forget to call about our “Puppy Play” Socialization sessions When Siksay and Fraser retired in 2017, they didn’t want to sell their practice to anyone. They hoped that Mason Bennett Johncox would step up and continue to provide friendly and helpful service to their clients. Patrick is now your trusted real estate lawyer. Whether it’s a purchase, sale, new mortgage or refinancing, he’ll make your deal a smooth, enjoyable and understandable process. Patrick has a hands-on approach to every file and will personally meet with you to explain the documents when you come in to sign up your deal. Patrick’s philosophy is “Your Home is Your Castle: Be Well Advised”. Patrick is part of a team of six lawyers at Mason Bennett Johncox. Whether it’s Employment Law, Litigation, Business & Corporate Law or Wills and EstateAdministration, they are here to provide you with sound advice. Mason Bennett Johncox is excited to announce their new office location opening in May 2018. Come visit us at 229 Mary Street. 229 Mary Street, Port Perry • 905-985-4141 79 Baldwin Street N., Brooklin • 905-620-4499 Mason Bennett Johncox Professional Corporation PATRICK BENNETT Real Estate Lawyer