42 FOCUS - MAY 2018 Please join us for an evening of education and empow- erment! Dr. Kerri Best is a primary care physician who practices family and lifestyle medicine with a special interest in women’s health. Her training in both conventional and functional medicine allows her to practice holistically, integrating the best of both models of healthcare to address the root causes of illness to restore and maintain wellness. The key to wellness is through ensuring balance between our environment and our body’s fundamental physiological processes. Dr. Best is going to share her B.A.L.A.N.C.E. Protocol with us: simple strategies through lifestyle modification to empower us to prevent illness and achieve wellness. Dr. Best can be found on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as The Minimalist MD and through her website drbestminimalistmd.wordpress.com. Dr. Best will be available to answer some general ques- tions, but will be unable to give specific medical advice. A healthy snack will be provided using one of her recipes from her food blog, lunchboxrx.wordpress.com. This event will be held at Emmanuel Community Church, 1680 Reach St., Port Perry. Please rsvp by email to aboveandbeyondwomen@gmail.com. Check out Above & Beyond Scugog Facebook page at www.facebook.com/aboveandbeyondwomen. Tuesday May 15 from 7-9 p.m. ʻLIFE IS A BALANCE OF HOLDING ON AND LETTING GOʼ The Greenbank Lions are selling spring fertilizer 21-7-7 in a 55-pound bag for $27 and free delivery. All profits from this fundraiser go to support local projects with no administrative costs. The Lions Club support; Operation Scugog, the Healthy Snack Program, School Safety Village trips, the peace poster contest, effective speaking contests, diabetes camps, children’s autistic camps, local athletes, Scugog Sports Hall of Fame and free vision and hearing screen- ing, just to name a few. To order phone 905-985-3723 or email LarryDoble@hotmail.com Keep on growing! Greenbank Lions are offering fertilizer again this year Tuesday May 15 from 7-9 p.m. Tuesday May 15 from 7-9 p.m. The dynamic paintings of artist Tom Thomson and the mystery surrounding his death are part of the fabric of Canadian history. A recognized authority on Thomson, popular Canadian author Angie Littlefield will be visiting Port Perry to talk about her latest book Tom Thomson’s Fine Kettle of Friends on Wednesday May 9. Thomson was born in Claremont but raised near Owen Sound. He knew most of the members of the Group of Seven and travelled and painted with them, but he died mysteriously on Canoe Lake in 1917, just before the group was formally established. Thomson loved Algonquin Park and painted there frequently but he did visit Lake Scugog and made at least one painting of the lake. Angie Littlefield has written several books on Tom Thomson and the Thomson family. Her latest book, Tom Thomson’s Fine Kettle of Friends presents a refreshingly unique and unprecedented view of Thomson. After ex- tensive research, Littlefield examines Thomson through the eyes of his family, friends and acquaintances, his in- terests and his skill as a cook. The book even includes some of Thomson’s favourite recipes. With Thomson’s love of the outdoors, many of the recipes involve food readily available: rabbit pie, squirrel pot pie, mulligan stew and of course, raspberry jam. There’s even a recipe for doughnuts! Or how about some sour cream and raisin pie? Ms. Littlefield will be discussing her research into Thomson and his family at the regular meeting of the Lake Scugog Historical Society on Wednesday May 9 at the St. John’s Presbyterian Church, 319 Queen St. in Port Perry. The meeting gets underway at 7:30 p.m. All are welcome. meet author ANGIE LITTLEFIELD Wednesday May 9 St. John’s Presbyterian Church biography, history, art and food