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FOCUS - SEPTEMBER 2015 7 is always looking for volunteers like Gill. Serving as role models our mentors teach by example the importance of giving and giving back of staying in school and having respect for family peers and community. If you or someone you know is interested in volunteering or joining one of the mentoring programs please do not hesitate to contact the Big Brothers Big Sisters office at 905-985-3733 or visit the website at www.bigbrothersbigsisters.canorthdurham to learn more. WAnTEd A mentor for a 13 year-old boy who lives in Scugog and has been waiting for over a year for a Big Brother to have fun with talk to and make a lifelong friendship. WAnTEd A mentor for a 12 year-old girl who lives in Scugog and enjoys being active and doing crafts. Shes looking for a Big Sister to have fun with and gain a friendship. September is Big BRoTHERS Big SiSTERS MonTH The BBBS flag will be flying high at the Scugog Township office the first two weeks of September. Meet a Match Cailey Gill Sometimes you have to wait for something In 2012 Gill was matched with Cailey a happy young girl just beginning the seventh grade. Cailey was smart popular doing well in school and not at all the type of child one might consider to be in need of a mentor. Gill quickly learned that even the happiest of children could always benefit from a little extra attention from a positive role model. She also learned that mentoring can go both ways and describes Cailey as a great role model herself always bringing positivity into any situation. Her smile lights up a room. I dont think Ive ever seen her without a smile. Her positive energy is contagious says Gill who spends as much time as she can with the equally busy Cailey. We rarely do the same thing. Ive taught her how to ski and snowboard weve gone mini-putting to the movies checked out unique restaurants gone shopping and had some girls nights. Ive gotten to see her grow as a person says Gill smiling she continues to be the happiest person Ive met and continually amazes me with her kind loving nature. Cailey agrees that shes changed a bit as a person adding since meeting Gill for the first time Im more happy and more talkative. By Rachel McLean Special to Focus on Scugog