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FOCUS - SEPTEMBER 2015 47 later I was saddled up and ready to go. I learned quickly that camels tend to turn their heads toward you and spit at your legs. Using the reins properly solved that problem but not until I had experienced a true Egyptian baptism. The sheer majesty of the pyramids cannot be fathomed unless you witness it. It took 30000 workers not slaves 20 years to build each tomb. The 3 million blocks of limestone each weigh 2.5 tonnes and were hauled from a quarry near the Nile about 12km away. These labourers laid 800 stones a day working 7 days a week 52 weeks a year. My next stop in Cairo was the Egyptian Museum and its collection of King Tutankhamuns interment antiqui- ties. The treasure was discovered in 1922 and consists of artifacts buried with the young king many of which are made of gold. The mask alone is worth 650 million dollars not accounting for its historical and artistic value. I was pleased to see the other exhibits in the Museum many of which were looted from tombs and temples and have since been returned to their rightful country. Another stop not to be missed is the stepped pyramid of Saqqara. The site is the necropolis or burial ground for the ancient Egyptian capitol of Memphis. There are nearly 20 tombs built by pharaohs most of which are in various stages of restoration. One can easily spend months visiting this beautiful city in one of the most historic countries on earth. Even if it is only for a short time Cairo is a must for anyone with a sense of adventure. Jonathan van Bilsen is a photographer author and columnist and can be followed at The nose of the Sphinx was destroyed by one of Napoleons cannon balls. Columns on Cairos many temples are beautifully decorated with hieroglyphs. 158 Casimir Street Port Perry 905-985-2268 MC TICO 4577532 Rocky Mountaineer 2016 Brochures Now Here Any questions Colleen can help Call her today Pick yours up today at