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FOCUS - SEPTEMBER 2015 19 The catch-rate is very low. And not only is it hard to find their physical location but even harder to bring them to justice. If that location is another country it makes punishment next to impossible. The sinister and frustrating aspect of this kind of crime is that the victim is penalized not the perpetrator. While he joined FireEye just a year ago Peter has worked in the data security field far longer. Ive been in various IT support roles in Engineering environments for 20 years. Typically that means look- ing after a data centre. Today he leads a FireEye team of 18 supporting clients Engineering and Sales Departments. A career path leading from Port Perry High School to Silicon Valley he laughs was a combination of luck and circumstance. I was interested in computing growing up had a Radio Shack computer as a kid. You can tell that was a while ago When I graduated high school and went to Centennial College my interest was in robotics for the automobile industry. I soon learned that those skills were transferrable and that I had a knack for keeping computing technology running smoothly. I started my career in Toronto but decided to go to California to escape a single Canadian winter. My professional timing turned out to be good and I had personal support for staying there from the company where I was working. Soon one winter became two then three and 18 years later Ive naturalized to the US. The career transition was easy though personally I had learning to do you may not think there are cultural differences between Canada and the US but there are. For the hacker the notion of cultural boundaries doesnt exist. While heas an individual or a cog within a criminal organizationmay sit in a faraway country the victims of his electronic intrusions may reside any- where on the planet. Its an impersonal but just as de- structive form of lawlessness which the computer age has uniquely given rise to. Peter Waites expertise helps to bring safety from the dangers posed by those unseen faces electronically extinguishing fires before they become infernos. By Scott Mercer Focus on Scugog SCUGOG chartered professional accountants accounting professional corporation 250 Queen Street Port Perry mkonopaski 905.985.9791 905.985.8893 Michael Konopaski PhD CPA CMA CFP GOLDBUG INTERNATIONAL ESTATES WELCOME - 35 YEARS EXPERIENCE 1874 Scugog Street Port Perry Hwy. 7A across from Water Street 905-985-0001 Hours Mon-Fri 10-5 Sat 10-4 INSTANT CASH GOLD SILVER Honest Qualified Confidential JEWELLERY COINS WATCHES STERLING WE MAKE HOUSE CALLS Reminder The restaurant is open Friday thru Sunday until Thanksgiving Open Every Day 225 Platten Blvd. Scugog Island 905-985-2275 LAKESIDE RESTAURANT Were coming to the end of the outdoor patio performances. Be sure not to miss these . . . 6 - 830 pm FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 4 - DAVID FRASER SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 5 - RIKI KNOX FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 11 - JOHN TAYLES