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26 FOCUS - SEPTEMBER 2015 ThUMbS DoWN - a Port Perry resident wrote i drove up bay st. from simcoe st. on July 25th and was shocked to see the group mail box there with one section wide open. People were forced to use these and now their mail is compromised ThUMbS UP - bill mckee our town crier made us proud again for a record breaking sixth time at the Provincial town criers competition in bracebridge on July 25 and 26. Way to go bill. keep crying for us ThUMbS UP - to the Prince albert neighbour who when walking his two dogs i wont embarrass you further by mentioning the breed for stooping and scooping on the morning of July 31. ThUMbS DoWN to that same neighbour who promptly threw the bag of dog poop into our neighbours blue box on the north side of king just west of Jeffrey. last time i checked the blue box program did not include plastic bags or dog poop. shame on you. ThUMbS DoWN - an extremely frustrated reader wrote in with a big thumbs Down to the road crews throughout scugog and especially those on edgerton road and cartwright line east. extremely poor job of the way they fix or dont fix potholes anymore. They throw the asphalt down and never bother to tamp it down. how inconsiderate the vehicles driving these roads are not responsible for tamping it down. Please take the time to do it while you are patching it. ThUMbS DoWN - to the recent owner of Curves Port Perry who gave her staff and clients less than a weeks notice that she was closing down the business. many ladies have enjoyed exercising there for over 15 years and the establishment will be greatly missed. however ThUMbS UP to the other fitness centres in Port Perry who have accommodated us and also a very big thumbs up to the staff of Curves for going above and beyond in helping us with this transition. submitted by a disappointed client UMUMUMUMTH BSH BH BH BUMH BUMUMH BUMH BH BH BH BUMH BUMUMH BUMUMH BUM Do you have a Thumbs up or down that you would like to see published Its on Round Two. Ooo awww John Olah right admitted to Bobbie Drew thats the best butter tart so far It all started last year at a Lake Simcoe Conservation Authority meeting where John Olah was present as legal counsel. In conversation I mentioned that Gene Hackman while filming Welcome to Mooseport said that the Pantry Shelf had the best butter tarts in the world. John said the best were from Osgoode Hall in Toronto. The Great Butter Challenge began. The Mayors of Aurora and East Gwillimbury Geoff Dawe and Virginia Hackson and myself made the trek to Toronto for Round One to meet John for lunch at Osgoode Hall. He had reserved butter tarts along with the table for us. A lovely lunch and yummy butter tarts were enjoyed by all. John is a real car enthusiast and ventured to Port Perry for the Brits on the Lake. For Round Two I made reservations for lunch and butter tarts at the Pantry Shelf. John oood and awwd the first two bites and exclaimed with a mouthful that Pantry Shelf is the winner. He then had a second butter tart. There may be future rounds in Aurora and East Gwillimbury but I am confident The Pantry Shelf will maintain their status. Story submitted by Bobby Drew HARVEST FESTIVAL 971 High Point Rd. Port Perry West at Scugog Line 2 follow the signs 905-985-9924 FALL 2015 An OCALA family event. SEPTEMBER 12 13 Saturday 10 am - 5 pm Sunday 12 noon - 5 pm No Charge 20th ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION Saturday Sept.19 12 noon - 5 pm BBQ Entertainment Samplings Please submit two or three sentences to a maximum of 80 words to