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18 FOCUS - SEPTEMBER 2015 Technology has createdin fact demandedanother sub-industry within the silicon world. Port Perry-born Peter Waite works on the front line of the daily fight to identify and contain electronic threats inside the business community. We protect companies of all sizes against malware and advanced persistent threats or what youd call hackers he explains from the offices of FireEye in San Jose California. If you look on our website we iden- tify thousands of potential threats from all corners of the globe every day. Hacking he explains can be financially lucrative as well as disruptive. Theres individual identity theft where the perpetra- tor targets personal banking or Social Security informa- tion from a single person. An intrusion into a merchants system can net the perpetrators credit card information in volume which they can turn around and use themselves or sell to other cyber-criminals. And nowadays those intruders arent limited to un- derworld elements. Government bodies may sometimes also be involvedif you remember the allegations made against Korean officials when an unreleased movie was stolen not long ago. In the business world its no longer a question of if therell be a threat but when. FireEye focuses on protecting its clients. We strengthen their security stance by consulting with them to minimize the threat of intrusion. Our ser- vice is full-suite their email system mainframe and incoming browser traffic. Hackers he warns have grown in sophistication over the years. At one time anti-virus software would have been enough to inspire confidence that you were protected. Nowadays we need to understand hackers in order to defend against them. We behave proactively in order to offer clients our full protection. Threats may take a number of forms. The hacker may send landmines such as an attach- ment sent with an email made to look as if its from a legitimate source. If you launch it it can capture data from your system or create disruption by destroying it. There are also scams which if you respond to those com- munications can dump the contents of a hard drive. But as hackers methods have advanced so has their potential victims response. Before a system would shut down to combat a threat. Today theyre put into a monitoring mode in order to un- derstand and perhaps track the source of the intrusion and learn from it. The hacking community is well known and companies want to know whos doing what. He admits that apprehending the hacker is a difficult if not unrealistic task. The pervasive presence of computers has forever altered the world we live in. Modern technology has spawned mighty corporations in its wake while revolutionizing the ways we work play and communicate. As is so often the case a black hat follows the white one. Insidious professional hackers and common criminals pounced on the computer age with zeal equal to routine users creating havoc and loss. The stuff of old movies stick em up seems hopelessly quaint and somehow less threatening compared to modern menaces which arrive unseen and leave just as invisibly. Firewall Firefighter PhoTobyMARyANNFLEMING