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Tori Waye and Jeff Balser who met at a local dart league event three and a half years ago are tying the knot on November 7. Mothers are always right and that goes double for Toris mom Margaret Burns. After Tori and her son moved in with her Margaret encouraged her daughter to come out to the Port Perry Monday Night Dart League with her to have fun and meet people.Thats exactly what happened. Jeff and Tori met at the annual Charlie Ayers Memorial Blind Draw Doubles Tournament. Everyone is welcome to this annual event not just the regular league members. Out of 80 people the luck of the draw was that Tori a newcomer to the sport and Jeff a member of a different dart league with 16 years of experience were paired up. Tori says that Jeffs first reaction when he found out that she was going to be his partner was Oh no shes a girl. His second thought was But at least shes cute Tori and Jeff spent six hours to- gether playing darts. It was like a long blind date. And they really hit it off. Residing together in Blackstock now Jeff and Tori are still avid dart players. They are looking forward to their rustic country wedding this fall. Tori said that shes come a long way as a dart player too thanks to practice practice practice Darts is a sport thats easy to practice at home any time she pointed out. Another local couple who are enthusiastic about hitting the bulls- eye are Kelly Walton and her fiance John. Ten years ago they joined a dart league in Lindsay. We were looking for something to do together Kelly recalls. The league was run on a Thursday night and it gave us something to look for- ward to one night per week through- out the winter months. When they moved to Blackstock they got on the waiting list for Monday Night Darts and when there were six names on the list a new team was formed. The Port Perry Dart League is a fun night out said Kelly who cur- rently serves as League President. She enjoys both the social and the competitive aspects of darts. It can do wonders for your relationship Kelly says Especially since it is the one sport where I can kick his butt This year marks the 25th anniver- sary of the Port Perry Dart League Kelly announced and new members are welcome to join. Being the anniversary wed like to see the league grow with new teams new players and more loca- tions Kelly added. The goal is to expand to 24 teams. At the present time there are 18 teams made up of 90 men and 46 women of all ages average age 40ish. The dart teams are composed of moms dads brothers sisters friends or couples plus there are company teams. The Port Perry Legion hosts an Open Mixed Doubles tournament in early November and its geared to recruiting new members. One player must be a league member and they have to bring along a guest of the op- posite sex. There are tournaments through- out the year for Singles Doubles and a Year-end Tournament. A 10 entry fee and a donation to the food bank is all it takes to get you in. The Charlie Ayers Blind Draw Doubles Tournament is staged each February in memory of fellow dart After meeting at a dart event Cupids arrow hit Jeff Balser and Tori Waye. They are now engaged to be married. Sometimes Cupids arrow takes the form of a dart. ...................... Please turn to page 4 FOCUS - SEPTEMBER 2015 3