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FOCUS - SEPTEMBER 2015 17 293 Perry Street Port Perry 905-985-8660 1-800-248-0848 It was Dec. 22 2005. It was my first day at West Shore. After having raised 10 children living on a farm and being very active in the family business I was a little reluctant about this move. However like many of you I was recovering from a medical issue and it was clear that I would fare better in an environment where I had my own space so I could still live independently. I would have housekeeping meals activities and most of all other seniors like me nearby. When I moved in everyone was so friendly and helpful that it was easy to make this my new home. Aside from my daily routine of getting up at 7 am getting dressed making my bed saying my prayers and having breakfast lunch and dinner I decided to get involved with many activities offered here. I play games cards bingo exercise volunteer at the tuck shop and get involved in making the gardens beautiful and colourful and help to keep them weed-free. For others there are bus trips to see the autumn colours White Feather Farms weekly trips to Walmart and outings to places like Lindsay and Oshawa. My kids often kid me about winning sometimes losing at bingo or euchre but I really enjoy the socialization. Being a part of the community at West Shore I learned about making new friendships. A new friend- ship with someone that you have nothing in common with but actually have every- thing in common you are both here and want to have a good life. That is something special and rare at this time in life but it is out there so you cant be shy about meeting new people. It is really wonderful to have someone to walk with to have a good old game of Scrabble someone to share a story and a glass of wine with and to learn about someone elses life. Many of us enjoy the monthly wine and cheese the birthday celebrations like sing-alongs the seasonal activities like treasure hunts for Easter Canada Day BBQs Strawberry Socials and Christmas celebrations like the annual Christmas Bizarre- which is one of my favourites because some of us work with the recreation depart- ment to make the best homemade Christmas cakes you will ever have. We always sell out and my own family knows that if they dont put in their order early they might be out of luck. I really like living here. When my family comes by I can visit with them in my room outside upstairs or on the front porch. They can join me for lunch. Often we manage to have a game of Scrabble. Sometimes it can be as simple as an afternoon chat and cocktail. Other times when I am on my own I will knit dishcloths which I give to my family members and I also like to contribute knitted toques and scarves for the less advantaged. Looking back at my reluctance to move into West Shore I realize that much of that was about change. Change can be hard at any age but change as a senior is a real challenge. Who wants their life to change No one although we often have no control over these things. So after the first 3 months of new people schedules activities and surroundings I finally embraced my new place. Thanks mostly to the staff and other residents who encouraged me to enjoy this new part of my life. Now after almost 10 years of being a West Shore resident I try to encourage other newcomers to give it a little time meet some new people join in on some new things and enjoy their new home. Anne Goreski I moved into the West Shore bungalows in Jan 2001 and loved my new home until I had to make the decision to move into the main building in 2014. It was a very hard transition but I knew it was the right one. The staff look after you and everyone is always ready to help whether it is in the office kitchen or healthcare staff they all work as a team The staff is honest and hard working and many have similar interests and have fun learning new things. The location is superb it is a short walk to town close to the bank and shops as well as the library. There are lots of benches to sit on along the way to the lake if you feel like relaxing and listening to the birds I am very happy to call West Shore Village my home. Emily Bayus ELEGANT LIVING BY THE LAKE T ES T I M O N I A L 1 T ES T I M O N I A L 2 Native artist August Swinson was commissioned to create a painting to celebrate the 20th anniversary of West Shore. Faye Koss his mother and Kent Farndale chair of West Shore Community Advisory Board unveil the work. As part of our 20th anniversary celebration our neighbours the Mississaugas of Scugog Island First Nation are conducting a traditional blessing ceremony.