b'In his store, Brent enjoys talking to customers about the various cuts of An Unreal Experience! meat, ideas for recipes and prepara-tion, and how toll the freezer.Itsallaboutbuildingrelation-ships and having conversations, heWORLD BUTCHE HALLENGEadded. People want to know whereRSCThats what Port Perrys owntheir meat comes from.North America does not have cer-ti cation for butchers, he informed. BRENT HERRINGTONThere needs to be more awareness and recognition of this trade.called competing in theWhile he views butchering as a craft, often in reality, its more like a World Butchers Challenge factory job, where people just do one thing. A true butcher needs to learn how to do everything, he pointed out.InBrentsopinion,thereshould be more emphasis on butchering in all of the foodie and chef shows on Rub a dub dub,The owner of Herringtons QualityAllofthe meatsweretelevision.nished Three men in a tub,Butchers at 251 Queen St. in Port Perry,donatedtofoodbanksandsoupInthemeantime,interestedpar-And who do you think they were?Brent Herrington has been providingkitchens, which Brent thought was atiescanwatchtheWorldButchers The butcher, the baker,his customers with high quality cutsgreat idea. Challenge on YouTube, and cheer on the candlestick maker of meat for 23 years. He has been athe local guy who creates your deli-Local butcher Brent Herringtonbutcher for 32 years.Maiden Voyage cious sausages, steaks, and meat pies.What an experience for Team Canada, from left to right; Corey Meyer, explained the meaning of this nurseryHis skill and experience led himThe WBC was the maiden voy- Damien Goriup, Brent, Peter Baarda (Captain), Taryn Barker and Elyse Chatterton.rhyme: In medieval times, the butcher,to capture the title of Ontarios Finestage for a Canadian team, that consist- By Lynn Campbell, Focus on Scugogthe baker and the candlestick makerButcher,whichautomaticallygaveed of butchers from B.C., Edmonton, were the highest paid, because theyhim a place on the Canadian team forBurlington, Oakville, an alternate from provided what people needed the most. the World Butchers Challenge (WBC)Stoney Creek and of course, Brent. heldinSacramento,CaliforniainTheteam,sponsoredbyTownsendMerrySeptember. Everyone who participat- Butchers from Simcoe, Ontario, held ed had to apply and submit videos ofpractices in Simcoe, leading up to the themselves, performing a list of taskschallenge. to qualify. wasasoloe ort,theCanadaplaced10thoutof13ChristmasWhile the Ontarios Finest Butcherscountries.competitionIwasnotdisappointed,BrentMerryWorldButchersChallengesaw13said. Just being chosen to participate international teams of seven butcherswas a major accomplishment, he feels. and(six, plus one alternate) compete forItwasexciting,nerve-racking,Christmasthe coveted Golden Knife Trophy. aawesome, terrifying and the highlightAllThe The challenge was to take halfof my 32 year career as a butcher, beef, half a pig, a whole lamb andveBrent commented. andchickensfromthefullcarcassformAn Australian butcher o ered ad-to the full retail display form, in onlyvice to the WBC contestants: IgnoreHappy Best in three hours. thecrowds,thecamerasandthe It was a ridiculously tight timelights, he advised, and just do what line, Brent commented. The teamyou do best. New YearBrent is so grateful for the support ofwas divided into three categories: theBrent was grateful to have support- 2023friends and family, and was thrilledbreakers, the middles and thenish- ers in attendance to cheer him alongthat his wife Jacqueline was able toers. Brent was a breaker.his wife Jacqueline and friends Jeremy, join him. IlovedoingthewholecarcassCraig and Kim.thing, he said. I couldnt have done it without Thenal product was to be mari- thesupportofmywifeandsta ,Brett Puckrin Keith Puckrin Guy Latreille Tracy Milburn Dianne Hooker Lynda Sauder Dianne Hooker Tanya LatreilleKeith PuckrinGuy Latreille Carrie Rogalski Brett Puckrin Cayleigh Fleming Lynda Sauder Brandon Walker Tanya Latreillenated and attractively presented. Brent said. Being part of the WorldSales Representative, AACI, P,App Broker Sales Representative Client Care Sales Representative Sales RepresentativeSales Representative BrokerBroker Broker Client Care Broker Broker Sales Representative Sales Representative BrokerIt had to look nice, noted Brent,Butchers Challenge took a lot of timeD: 905.985.7300 - O: 905.985.4427who describes butchers as artisans. away from his business.FOCUS - DECEMBER 20225'