b'Last month we featured Brent Farr, now retired Executive Director of Oak Ridges Hospice and now we want you to meet .New Executive Director CHRISTINE VOSto take Oak Ridges Hospice into the FutureChristine, standing by the painting now displayed in the hallway of Oak Ridges Hospice, that she purchased at the Mayors Gala on Thursday November 3. A dozen people had a hand in this live painting by artist Patti Bowman Kingsley.Til Death Do Us Part:My marriage vows said, In sickness and in health, and til death do us part, commented Christine Vos. Its a good decision to choose hospice for an end of life journey, so your spouse can be your partner, not your caregiver.ChristineVoscareerhistoryRidgesHospiceisfreeofcharge,region, to be a leader.wellpreparesherforhernewrolesodonationsarenecessaryforShesproudthatOakRidges asExecutiveDirector/CEOofthesustainability. HospicehasanIntakeCoordinator MorganandSidhuHouse/OakSince the hospice opened a yearTeam, available 24/7.Ridges Hospice.and a half ago, the team has been fo- Doing all of the intake here is a Awell-knownlocalresident,cused on getting the hospice up anduniqueservice,shepointedout. Christinetookoverthisleadershiprunning,Christinenoted.LookingPeopleneedsupportbeyondthe position from Brent Farr on Octobertothefuture,ongoingfundraisinghours of 9-5.17, 2022.andstreamliningday-to-dayopera- IntakeCoordinatorsmeetwith Afterthreeweeksonthejob,tions are top priorities. thefamilies,takecallstoprovide ChristinesharedthathergoalsareBrentFarrdidaphenomenalinformation,andfacilitateaccessto developingsystemsandstrategicjob, Christine feels. He passed theservices. Doctors often make referrals direction, including a strategic plan,torch on to me for the next level of theto the hospice. establishing policies and procedures,journey. In recent history, four people were and working towards accreditation. Twootherhospicesarestillinredirectedfromthehospitaltothe Lobbyingtheprovincialgovern- thefundraisingstagesinDurhamhospice, Christine reported. mentforfullfundingisanotherRegion. Christines vision is for the important initiative. Staying at OakPortPerryhospice,the inthePlease turn to page 43 rst FOCUS - DECEMBER 202241'