b'Q: Who would decide to give up their careers in snowy Ontario, in the middle of a world-wide pandemic, and move to Central America to operate a B&B in the jungle?A: Lifelong Port Perry resident C. Ryan Edgarand his husband Yan Michaud, thats who!One of Ryan and Yans favourite photos of 2021, taken on the Sky and Sand catamaran. They had a blast!Theautumnoffast in the heart of Playa Guiones, inenvironment.2020wasawhirl- the province of Guanacaste, Nosara,Ryan is pleased that he took the wind of changes for this local couple.CR. It was christened Casa Vitality. opportunityforanearlyexitand TheygotmarriedonOctober17,According to an article inThe Ticopre-retirement. 2020.Thenextweek,theyretiredTimes , dated October 11, 2022, CostaRated as Superhosts by airbnb.ca, from their jobs. On October 24, theyRicaistheGo-ToPostPandemicthey want to share the joy with others.moved to Costa Rica. They welcomedTravel Destination.Your hosts at Casa Vitality can be theircustomers at Casa VitalityRyan pointed out that its the idealas involved as you like in your vaca- rst in December of 2020. place to choose for retirement or fortion plans.Beforeweevenmet,webothvacations. Peoplecanunwind,relaxingby decided that we wanted to retire inLikeminded, Ryan and Yan didntthe pool or at the beach. They can Costa Rica, Yan shared.want to wait until their 60s or 70s tooptformanyexcitingexperiences After visiting Yans sister Cynthia,retire from their day jobs. with Ryan as their guide. Visitors can whobuiltabeautifulSpanishstyleSomanyolderretireeshavechoosehorsebackriding,walking villainCostaRica,RyanandYanmedical concerns, Ryan noted. tours, scuba diving, zip lining,sh-pickedtheperfecthouse.TheyThe couple feels that operating theing trips, waterfall tours, beach tours, bought it in January of 2020 and tookB&B gives them the perfect work/ snorkeling, or an ATV excursion into possessioninMay.Cynthiasuper- life balance. the jungle.vised the remodeling of the buildingRyanalsomakestravelarrange- The area is a well-known destina-because Ryan and Yan were still inmentsforpeople(contacthimtion for yogis and the surf commu-Port Perry. directly!) and Yan uses hisnity, Ryan pointed out. nancial We had to deal with the contrac- backgroundskillstoassistlocalThereare11secludedbeaches tors,fromanothercountry,Ryanbusinesses.Theyalsodopropertywithin 30 minutes of the B&B, and said. They watched the daily progressmanagement. they all have di erent kinds of sand, via live videos. Being self employed is a gift, YanYannoted,suchasseashellsand, Their 3,300 sq. ft. house was trans- commented. The former Manager ofwhite sand and black sand, all nestled formed from a two star hostel to avethe Operations Enablement Team atalong the lagoons. star luxury authentic bed and break- RBC, he doesnt miss the corporatePlease turn to page 36FOCUS - DECEMBER 202235'