b'21-11-15 10:00 AM 9173_MBJ_ChristmasAd_Focus Magazine.indd 1THUMBS UP - to The Auxiliary to Lakeridge Health Port Perry as they presented the Port Perry Hospital Foundation mbjlawyers.com with thenal payment of $43,030 therst week of November. This completed their $350,000 pledge for the (905) 985-4141 Here for Youcampaign and they reached this incredible goal in just one year and seven months, much earlier than 229 Mary Street, Port Perry, ON their original goal of four years.THUMBS DOWN - to Scugog community, that it does not have easily accessible mental health care for people in the community. Therapy is a very effective, risk free way of treating mental illness and sadly Scugog does not have any funded or subsidized therapy accessible to the public. Hopefully bringing attention to this can spark a change to make improvements.THUMBS UP - to the yard bag pick up guy, who walked up our driveway to get the bag I had justlled. How thoughtful!THUMBS DOWN - to the bylaw of cer who gave our neighbour a parking ticket for parking on the street overnight. They had just had their driveway paved. Yellow caution tape was up. There was no snowstorm ( rst weekend in November). Could they have just given him a H A P P Y H O L I D AY S Angels H A P P Y H O L I D AY Swarning and not a ticket?S AY D I L O H THUMB Y S UP -P P to members o A f the Po H rt Perry H A P P Y H O L I D AY SH A P P Y H O L I D AY S Ladies Baseball team for volunteering their time on Sunday H A P P Y H O L I D AY S November 6 to sell poppies at local businesses. Your S AY D I L O H Y P P A H support is truly inspiring! H A P P Y H O L I D AY S THUMBS UP - to Canada Post Community Foundation (Port Perry) on their donation of $25,000 on Monday November 7, to Big Brothers Big Sisters of North Durham. The monies will help BBBSND develop and deliver mental health education. THUMBS UP to the Scugog Mens Hockey League for their donation of $22,500 raised from their annual golf tournament for BBBSND as well!THUMBS UP - A resident was very impressed to see the patrons at Canadian Tire coming to a stop on Remembrance Day during the moment of silence. Employees, patrons, etc. removed their hats and took a minute to show their respect for the fallen.THUMBS UP - Legion members wanted to pass along this thumbs up to Captain George Fish & Chips. During the Remembrance Day Parade, one of our veterans, who was part of the colour guard, had an issue while marching and 229 Mary Street, Port Perry, ON had to leave the parade. The wonderful staff immediately 229 Mary Street, Port Perry, ON brought out a chair and water for him. Thank you on behalf (905) 985-4141(905) 985-4141 of all of us, we are fortunate to have so many caring people mbjlawyers.com in our community.mbjlawyers.com229 Mary Street, Port Perry, ON THUMBS NOTEWe sometimes receive a Thumbs Down to (905) 985-4141 local businesses for a variety of reasons. 9173_MBJ_ChristmasAd_Focus Magazine.indd 1 We appreciate our businesses as they not only pay taxes, 21-11-15 10:00 AM9173_MBJ_ChristmasAd_Focus Magazine.indd 1 21-11-15 10:00 AMbut support sports teams and donate to charities of all kinds, mbjlawyers.com so we choose not to publish their names. If you have an issue with a business owner, we urge you to speak with them directly, rather than use this column. 46 FOCUS - DECEMBER 20229173_MBJ_ChristmasAd_Focus Magazine.indd 1 21-11-15 10:00 AM'