b'Christine Vos (continued from page 41)This is important because of thecommunity! she said. commutefromPortPerrytosouth high demand for hospital services,When people ask Christine if theDurhamincreasinglydifficult, she said. hospice is a place of sadness, she re- liked the idea of a fresh challenge in Eight out of 15 new residents camesponds, No. Its a place of love andher hometown. tothehospiceduringeveningorlife celebration. InSeptember,justbeforeher weekend hours. Christine is happy to work in herOctober start date, Christine visited WedontjustserviceScugog,home community. herdaughterAshleyandherhus-Christinepointedout.OakRidgesI went from a large organizationbandJoeinEdmontontowelcome Hospiceisopentoeveryoneinto a small dedicated intimate team,grandson Everetts new baby brother Durham Region. she said. I like to try to make a dif- Archer into the family. She also spent Why is hospice recommended forference in peoples lives. two weeks in Italy to meet another end of life care? Christine answered,She earned a Bachelor of Sciencenewgrandson,Giacomo,brother Hospiceallowsfamiliestospendin Psychology at Trent University andtoEnzo,thesonofherdaughter the precious last moments with lovedalso studied Development Services atStephanie and husband Ryan.ones, reminiscing, without having toLoyalist College. Family is everything, Christine provide caregiving services.From September 1986 to Decemberfeels, and even though her relatives The staff provides meals, medica- 2006,sheworkedherwayupthelivefarawaygeographically,they tions for pain management and per- ranksatthePlainfieldCommunityvisit back and forth a couple of times sonal care, giving relatives, and evenHomes(forchildrenwithdisabili- a year and keep in touch regularly on pets, quality time together. ties)inBelleville.Whileattendingthe phone and via Face time.This hospice does a really goodaconference,shewasheadhuntedHer attitude about the importance job of making everyone feel like theybyCommunityLivingOshawa/ of family extends to Christines vision are the only person here, observedClarington, 16 years ago. of what hospice is all aboutbeing Christine, who commended the car- Her friend Margaret Ayres of Bigtogether with loved ones. ingclinicalstaffandtheamazingBrothersBigSistersNorthDurhamForexample,therearepullout volunteers.encouraged Christine to apply for thebedsthatcanbepushedtogether Theresawaitlistforpeopletop job at the new local hospice.wanting to volunteer. This is a greatChristine,whohadfoundherPlease turn to page 44HappyHolidaysfrom Oak Ridges HospiceThankyouforyourongoingsupportsothatwecanprovidecompassionateend-of-lifecareinourcommunity.Fromourhometoyours,bestwishesforawonderfulHolidaySeason and a very Happy New Year! w w w . o a k r i d g e s h o s p i c e . c o mFOCUS - DECEMBER 202243'