b'Travel Tips (continued from page 63)one that accommodates those needsA large backpack gets in the way, andI would highly recom-seems to become heavier as the tripmendgettingaNexus goes on. card,asitallowsyou . priority boarding in more Many people have checked luggagethan40airportsaroundtheworld. when they travel, so it is important toSomeAmericanExpresscardsalso havecertainitemsinyourcarry-on.have this feature.charges, use available Wi-Fi in hotelsThese include cameras and computers,.and restaurants. Download WhatsApp,prescription drugs, noise cancelling earBuy a few Apple Airtags and throw a global, free messenger app.buds, lip balm, and tiger balm (great forthem in your luggage. The app will let . masking bad odours around you). you know where your luggage Sunrise is better than sunset, if you. is at any given time. This is are into photography. It is also the leastNeverbuybottledwaterfromahandy when your luggage is busy time of day. street vendor, no matter how good itlost, but also letting you know . looks. I recently learned people arell- itsexactlocation,whenyou I have met a number of people whoing empty water bottles with tap water,are standing in line waiting for have been pick-pocketed or scammed,usingcrazygluetosealthelidandyour suitcase.and it is almost always because theyselling it. When you are in a restaurant,.were not paying attention. Carry smallask for bottled water that has not beenI always look for business travellers amounts of money with you, and dontopened. I never eat anything that hasinstead of families, when getting into make friends with strangers. Stay awaybeen washed in local water. Dependingairport line-ups. Usually this gets me from seedy parts of towns, and do noton where I travel, salads, peeled fruitthrough much faster.hang out at bars at 2 a.m. Call taxis inand uncooked vegetables are off the.advance, and get the licence number.table, so to speak.Noliquidsover100ml,andthey Check it before you step in. . must be in a clear plastic bag, in your . Everyone carries cell phones, iPads,carry-on. Make sure all your batteries, Depending on where you go, contactdigitalwatchesandcomputers.For- no matter how small, are in your carry-a travel doctor at least six months beforetunately, these can be used with anyon. You are not allowed to carry batter-yourtrip.Diseasessuchasmalaria,voltage.Makesureyouhaveadapt- ies in checked luggage.dengue fever and cholera, are rampanters toyour device and. t in many parts of the world. Make sureelectrical outlets. OtherTwo websites I cannot do without: you are prepared through either medica- items, like hair dryers, mayskyscanner.ca,whichsearchesthe tions or vaccines.require a voltage converter.bestfaresanywhere,andseatguru . com,whichshowsseatingarrange-When you are travelling,Straighten out bed sheets to makements on everyight.packinglessisbetter.Nosure you have not left something behind. .one is going to judge you. I cannot tell you how important back-if you do not wear a newMost airlines have lounges, and ifing up your photos is. If you are using a out t every day. your credit card does not give you ac- phone as your camera, make sure you . cess, look into purchasing a one-timehave access to the cloud. If you have a Many people carry backpacks. De- pass. You willnd it extremely relaxing,regular camera, carry a portable hard cide what you want to put in it, and getprior to youright. drive, or store them on a computer.Jonathan van Bilsens photosNtravel TV show can be watched on RogersTV and YouTube. To follow Jonathans travel adventures visit photosNtravel.comMerry ChristmasWishing safe travels to allTM 905.985.2268158 Casimir Street, Port Perry TICO #4577532 www.marlintravel.ca/123464 FOCUS - DECEMBER 2022TM'