b'Come walk the halls and re-unite with old friends! 1927 2022 The situation was dealtSince 1967, with promptly and inthere has been 1927 the new Port Perrya new science In 1872 Port Perry High School was born! Public & High Schoolwing added on was open for business.the north side, Wehadhopedtocelebrateour150thin2022,butCOVIDEven bigger and better.a library and caused us to rethink when to call our alumni back to their oldThe girls public andof ce rework MEZZANINE alma mater. Article courtesy of Bill Holtby (Gomer):high school entrancesto the south, were on Rosa St. andand a third mixed science wing added tothe south.A PPHS alumnus (1967) and 150th volunteer. the boys entrances on the back.With the addition ofThe footballeld is now behind the school on the west 1873 the tech wing in 1967 the boys entrances disappearedside of Ottawa St. with the student parking lot behind although boys were still allowedrequiredto attend. the school extended to Ottawa St.1926 - THE FIRE If youre an alumnus (student, teacher, or attended any of the PPHS family of schools) PLEASE reserve Friday May 6, 2023 on your calendar.Clothing from your time at PPHS would be appropriate.Anniversary clothing will soon be available to buy.The original PPHS was in the mezzanine of the one roomPPHS Grad Class of 1900schoolhouse at Rosa and QueenA decision was made to go biggerCan anyone put names to the faces?Streets.There was plenty of roomand better and the spades went for half a dozen or so students,into the ground in 1873 to build but, the town (village?) was growingPort Perry Common school, aEnrolment grew rapidly as larninBRANCH 419and there were more and more onecombination public and highcame into fashion. room schools popping up in Reachschool.It even had a gymnasiumThen, in 1926, the school burnedCELEBRATE YOUR FAMILY and Scugog Townships (PPHSand an auditorium (some thought down.family of schools). it a little over the top). EVENTS HERE!BirthdaysAnniversariesWeddingsRetirementFamily gatheringsWe Need You! Take the mess out of your house andWere looking for memorabilia (photos, year books,leave it in our hands!tasteful personal anecdotes). Things like photos will be reproduced and returned.Hall Rental includes:Were also looking for volunteers! The older the better.bartenders, liquor license, insurance.(We Golden Oldies have the best stories, without naming names of course.)Catering also availableKeep tabs on the PPHS website for updatesCall the Legionand contact the school (portperryhs@ddsb.ca)905-985-8502if you would like to help out.Have a Safe and Happy Holiday Season!Catherine AyotteJennifer HunterKellie RenaudRalph Fairman Krista CraigAlaina Malcolm Shannon WatsonSales Representative Sales Representative Sales Representative Broker Sales Representative Sales Representative Managing Broker1894 Scugog St. Port Perry | 905-985-9777FOCUS - DECEMBER 202257'