b'Wow! Local woman donates her 100th pint of blood! Its not every day that someone contactsShe has even put off dental work to ac-Focus on Scugogbecause they want to sharecommodate her schedule of blood donations, a story to surprise their spouse, but thats justbecause you have to wait three days. She also what Garry Hunter of Port Perry did recently. checked to make sure that having inoculations Im so proud of my wife and I dont getwould not interfere with donating blood.enoughchancestoexpressit,Garrysaid.Peggy is a good role model for her family. He explained that he wanted to publicly rec- Two of her granddaughters have followed in ognize his wife Peggy Hunter, who donatedher footsteps by donating blood. blood for the 100th time on November 23,Aretiredteacher,manyNorthDurham 2022 at 3:25 p.m., at the Red Cross blood do- residentsmayrememberPeggy.Shegrew nor clinic held at the Scugog arena. up in Uxbridge. Her maiden name is Peggy PeggyhasbeendonatingbloodlongerPassmore, and her parents were both educa-than our 50 year marriage, Garry noted.tors at Uxbridge Secondary School.Peggy is a universal donor, Garry described. HerAfter residing up north, Garry and Peggy moved to blood is type O which is very important and in high de- Port Perry in the 1980s. Peggy was a mathematics teacher mand. Blood transfusions often save the lives of accidentat Port Perry High School for many years, before teaching victims and people who have operations. adults in Continuing Education classes.Garry used to donate blood as well, before health con- At the time of this writing, before the 100th donation, cerns put an end to that opportunity. Hes RH negative, aGarry said he expected that the Red Cross would gift rare blood type. Peggy with a commemorative pin for her remarkable and Giving blood doesnt cost anything, he commented.selfless contributions, giving the gift of life to others.Andphysicallyyoufeelbetterafterwardslighter somehow.My wife is the kind of person who likes to help every- By Lynn Campbell, one else, Garry complimented.Focus on Scugogfrom the Residents and Staff ofSee us for handy anduseful gifts for yourAutomobile Enthusiasts!Port Perry Auto SupplyPort Perry Auto Supply16050 Old Simcoe Rd., Unit #1 Port Perry905-985-8481FOCUS - DECEMBER 202239'