b'Beautiful, new, front entrance. The deck that Trevor, along with Scott, built. View out the front window of Hawks Nest.Hawks Nest back yard before renovation. Trevor and Scott having a break and taking in the view of the lake. Thelocationwouldhavetomakesense forme,becauserightnow,mylifeispretty Trevor Weis ock(continued from page 3) a second episode.This time, the scope of work wouldchaotic.My wife, Erin, and I bought 270 acres Thecrewwasaround,ofcourse,andIgotmoreinclude the hosts own property. north of Lindsay where we can farm cattle and comfortable as I got to know the camera operators better.Scott had purchased a vacation property and wantedbuild our forever home.Packing for that move, Theyd move around the go-pros [time lapse cameras],some renovations done, asked me if Id sign on for the job.my regular work, plus two small kidsMyas and shoot us as we were working.Onlming days, ScottRight now, I cant give out details, but itll be the Seasonseven and Jordans fourmakes for a busy life would be onsite.We got on well, he and I, because he wasThreenale. at the moment.a down to earth guy and easy to deal with. Normally, he says, Scotts Vacation House Rules usesReaction to his TV appearance, he reports, I enjoyed it overall. Once I got accustomed to the cam- local contractors aslming migrates throughout Ontario.has been positive among friends and family, eras and crew being around, it was a lot like any other job. As it passes through nearby locales like Trent Lakes, couldeven if his own reaction is modest and muted.But it wouldnt turn out to be just any other job,Trevor wind up as a semi-regular on the show? Personally, I found it a little strange, watch-nor would his appearance prove to be a one-o .In fact,I dont know, he says with a smile.But based on mying myself on TV.He laughs at the thought, Trevors craftsmanship and on-camera demeanour hadtwo experiences, Id welcome the opportunity to do more. then adds: But Mya thought it was cool!so impressed McGillivray, he would be invited back forTheres a hint of a caveat behind his statement. Please turn to page 6 New backyard reveal.Keith - Seagrave 1959Brett - R.H. Cornish 1987Here for Our Hometown Guy BrettLynda - Port Perry Fair 1979 Here for Our CommunityTanya and Guy Tanya and GuyThis is WHY we have pledged to donate Santa Claus Parade 1986 $10,000 to the Port Perry Hospital Foundation for the HERE FOR YOU - CT campaign Dianne - Festival Days 1987VIRTUAL TOURSEXCLUSIVE SHOWINGSCONTACTLESS MEETINGSELECTRONIC CONTRACTSBrett Puckrin Keith Puckrin Guy Latreille Cayleigh Fleming Lynda Sauder Dianne Hooker Tanya LatreilleSales Representative, AACI, P,App Broker Broker Broker Sales Representative Sales Representative BrokerD: 905.985.7300 - O: 905.985.4427FOCUS - AUGUST 20215'