b'HISTORIC SCUGOGby J. Peter HvidstenNEWKings Cross British Shop is now open at 12 Death In The CityWater St., Port Perry.CLOSED Coach House Studio at 605 Durham Regional Rd 21, Port Perry closed the doors mid July.NEWPaws of Port pet grooming have opened the doors at 1816 Scugog St., Port Perry.The history of the Lake Scugog, Reach Township areathe men, who then notified the police. Alice with baby girl,Alice in the early COVID-safe selfie, NEWLotus Loft is now open at 158 Casimir St., Port are filled with exciting and progressive stories, but there areThe condition of the deceased mans mid 1990s. 2000s. April 7, 2020.also many accounts of tragedy and sadness. Following is justPerry.body indicated he had been floating in one of those sad stories from more than a century ago. the water for a long time.Alice Lee(continued from page 27) RE-OPENEDGreat Blue Heron Casino at 21777 Island Rd., Port Perry.Gardening and walking along the scenic waterfrontThe young man was reported JOSEPH GRAHAM had recently graduated fromto have been fully clothed and in his trail are two of Alices favourite pastimes.RE-OPENEDScugog Shores Museum Village & Ontario Veterinary College, and in April 1888 he was on hispocket were a number of letters, a One day, while on a stroll, a woman stopped her andArchives at 16210 Island Rd., Port Perry. Wednesdayway to Battle Creek, Michigan, where he was to open histicket to Battle Creek, some veterinary exclaimed, Alice! Remember me? We were roommatesSunday from 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.first veterinarian practice.Joseph, was 27 years-old and thesurgical instruments and a small when we had babies together in 1984! THOMAS GRAHAMson of well known businessman and farmer, Thomas GrahamNEWClarks Auto Repair & Custom Exhaust & Napa amount of cash.People stop her all the time to say, I remember you!His father, Thomas Graham, of Manchester. Auto Care Centre have opened the doors atYou delivered my baby! returned to Toronto after the discovery, and informed police He set out for Toronto by train on April 18th, on the 99 North Port Rd., Unit 1, Port Perry.Alice Ann Lee may be retired now, but her familiarhis son had left home with over $400 in his possession. Most of first leg of his trip to Battle Creek.After arriving in Toronto smile definitely wont be forgotten. Please make us aware of who is opening, moving he stored his luggage and parcels at theor closing in Scugog, by submitting the information US.this money had been forwarded to Battle Creek By Lynn Campbell, Focus on Scugog to us at: focus@focusonscugog.com station rather than haul them to the Port Perry manto start his business, so Mr. Graham didnt think Revere House, where he intended to staythere was foul play, as his sons watch and chain the night before continuing his journey.disappears, foundand $1.38 were found on him. Joseph checked in at the hotel and it wasrobbed and floatingHis luggage and parcels were later found at here he met a man named A. J. Dunning,Union Station, and his purse with about $75 at the who was also staying at the same hotel. in Toronto BayRevere House, were all returned to his home.Then he disappeared! An inquest followed but no evidence could Upon learning his son had vanished, his father travelledTrophies, Awards,be given to exactly how Graham met with his death. to Toronto to investigate, but despite his best efforts he wasCorporate PromotionsMr. Dunning, the last man seen with him said Graham had only able to learn that his son and Dunning had been seenEmbroideryGraphic Designgiven him his wallet for safekeeping, and he had returned it to out and around the town.Engraving Screen Printingthe hotel, but Joseph never came back. About a month after first disappearing, dock workersPineridge ImpressAlthough there was no evidence to connect him with the found the body of the young veterinarian floating in the bay905-985-2839murder, the coroner told Dunning he had come nearer the near a boathouse, a short distance from the city wharfs,135 North Port Road, gallows than he could ever come again, and escaped. He also located opposite Union Station.Port Perrywarned Dunning, that in future it would be wise avoid liquor Newspapers reported he was pulled onto the dock bywww.pineridgeimpress.caand evil habits.Your Name is Our BusinessHappily retired at her home in Port Perry, Friday July 16.SCUGOG SCUGOGHISTORY HISTORYTHESE BOOKS AND MORENOW AVAILABLE ON AMAZON.CALink to Amazon.ca and enter book title into the search bar.28FOCUS - AUGUST 2021'