b'BOB PRENTICE S THUMBS UP - to our Pet Valu and Paulmac stores for their support of the Walk for Dog Guides. During the campaign BARBER SHOP end review with all the different walk sites via Zoom, the since 1971 Lions Foundation singled them out as outstanding supporters. They were on the leaderboard for the largest contributors.We can all learn from them. Thank you Pam and Scott. Welcoming Back All My Customers THUMBS UP - from a reader to all the wonderful people Can you believe Ive been here 50 years and counting that were in the dollar store by the Walmart on June 22 at 11 a.m. I was in the back of a long line up and the people in Stop by to say hello and see myfront of me overheard me mention my break from work was over in a couple minutes. So without me even asking, they sesquicentennialproject and myall told me to go ahead of them so I would not be late for now newly decorated Barber Shop. work! They were all so very nice and I really appreciated it, thank you.The Gentlemens Lounge THUMBS DOWN - to all those that lash out at our local Sit back & relax businesses by posting a complaint on social media, without giving owner or manager the opportunity to discuss an issue. In most cases, issues can be resolved before damage is done. Please give them the opportunity and consideration, as most are short staffed and doing the best they can during these uncertain times. These are also (905) 985-8121 the people that sponsor teams and donate to so many fundraisers. They deserve a chance to talk before being 160 Queen St.steam rolled.Port Perry THUMBS UP - to our garbage collectors doing hard physical work in all kinds of weather with cheerful good humour. One day I was standing in the back of my truck on Alma Street looking around for a neighbour in sight to help me with a large, heavy load. The approaching garbage truck driver waved at me and I returned his wave, and they picked up our Air conditioningload and started off. Suddenly the truck stopped, reversed not blowing cold? and the tail rider asked me if I needed a hand! He came, and in a minute had solved my need of an extra set of hands. We Come see us for anall owe a debt of gratitude to these essential workers. To be Air Conditioning systemso thoughtful and generous with their time was extraordinary!inspection. THUMBS UP - to each and every person who continuallyBrake JobsDiagnosticsFront End/Suspension Work gives to the many, many fundraisers throughout Scugog.General Mechanical WorkSeasonal Tire Changeovers There are so many to mention that we choose not too, in fear of leaving anyone out. Thank you Scugog! Tire StorageNew TiresExhaust WorkA/C repairsPlease submit a maximum of 125 words to: focus@focusonscugog.comCOME CHECK OUT OUR NEW FARM-SIDE WINE & CIDER PATIO Greg Perusits Matt DiQuattroAWARD-WINNING FRUIT WINES,CIDERS, AND MEADS.80 Vanedward Dr. Unit 4, Port Perry JAMSJELLIESBUTTER TARTSHONEY & MORE905-985-5151 PUMPKIN PATCH & GIANT CORN MAZE COMING THIS FALLwww.truenorthautomotive.ca2055 Saintfield Rd, Seagrave, Ont. L0C1H0info@truenorthautomotive.ca applewoodfarmwinery.com18FOCUS - AUGUST 2021'